Sacramento soccer team announces 20,000-seat stadium plan, says money will come from somewhere

Sacramento’s two-year-old USL Pro minor-league soccer franchise, Republic FC, announced plans yesterday to build a 20,000-seat stadium in the city’s downtown railyard if it’s admitted to MLS. And how would it be paid for?

Questions remain over how the stadium will be financed. Mayor Kevin Johnson has said no city money will be used to help build the facility. Nagle has said the Republic FC investor group will have the capacity to pay for the stadium, plus a league expansion fee of at least $70 million.

Sure, maybe? Larry Kelley, the developer who is planning to build a mixed-use district on the old railyard site, would be part of the Republic FC investment team, so it’s always possible he’d give them a break on the land as a kind of loss leader. Or “no city money to help build the facility” could really mean “city money, but only to help buy the land or provide tax breaks.” Nobody’s saying yet, but hey, pretty pictures!

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8 comments on “Sacramento soccer team announces 20,000-seat stadium plan, says money will come from somewhere

  1. Not only are the pictures nice, they’re a miracle.

    If you saw the state that land’s in right now, you’d understand what I mean.

  2. Channel 10 has a picture that allows you to slide across and see the current state and the proposal:

  3. Sacramento is being smart about this. MLS will likely move the Chivas USA franchise in the off season. If Sacramento has a deal for a new stadium in place, they can get Chivas USA next year, instead of waiting several years for expansion.

  4. Actually MLS will not be moving Chivas USA. Plans are for it to be sold to local L.A. ownership and re-branded. There is even talk of Chivas going hiatus and then coming back as the re-branded team. So in all likelihood Sacramento’s only shot is for an expansion team.

  5. “Nobody’s saying yet, but hey, pretty pictures!”

    Reason #784 why nobody takes anything from deMause seriously.