Guy running umpteenth in mayoral race threatens to lure Argonauts to Mississauga with new stadium

How to get media attention for your longshot mayoral campaign: Threaten to lure the local sports team to your suburb via force of your will (and a new stadium, which will also be build with the force of your will).

“Toronto, which is saturated with sports franchises, has failed the team,” Dill Muhammad told the Toronto Sun Monday. “If the Argos move to Mississauga, they will thrive. Under my leadership, we could build them a stadium they will be proud of.”…

In addition to a 25,000-seat stadium, the 75-year-old businessman envisions a “destination facility” with 200 retail stores, an arcade and a gaming zone.

“The stadium will be a great resource to attract international soccer, rugby and cricket competitions as well as track-and-field events, the Metro Bowl football championship, music concerts and festivals and religious events,” Muhammad said.

Today’s lesson, kids: With your name on the ballot, a video, and a dream, you too can get your crazy ideas into the local newspaper! You still may not be able to get them to spell your name right, however.

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