Red Bulls still don’t wanna pay arena taxes, nobody told them they’d have to, mommmmm!

The New York Red Bulls (aka Red Bull New York, aka whatever they’ll be called if Red Bull sells them) are still appealing that tax court ruling from almost three years ago that they have to pay property taxes on their arena in Harrison, N.J. The tax court ruled then (and an appellate court agreed) that because the team collects all the revenue from the arena, it’s effectively a private stadium regardless of who holds title to the building; in its appeal to the state supreme court, Red Bull’s response has been that that’s not fair, because nobody told them the rules ahead of time:

Red Bull Arena “was undoubtedly the victim of a ‘bait and switch’ in this case, as its promised tax exemption vanished into thin air,” says the Red Bulls’ successful petition for certification.

Red Bull should be aware that tax rules can change, right? Oh, sorry, wrong crappy food product ad campaign.


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