Markham arena proposal still missing, declared dead

This happened a while back, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging: Remember how Markham’s crazy arena plan was pretty much killed last December, when the city council sent it back to the drawing board for further study? Well, apparently it’s now completely dead, thanks to the developer in charge of it disappearing off the face of the earth:

In the summer, staff confirmed that they were no longer in touch with Graeme Roustan, the arena’s chief promoter, and the project was officially over.

“We never heard from him again,” said Joe Li, who is running for a second term as regional councillor and was one of the first to oppose the financial plan for the arena.

Yeah, that would have gone well if they’d gone ahead with it. Now somebody just tell Howard Bloom that there’s not going to be a place for a second Toronto team to play.

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3 comments on “Markham arena proposal still missing, declared dead

  1. The Lakers, Clippers & Kings play at the Staples Center. Why not the Leafs, Raptors, and another team at the Air Canada Centre?

  2. It could happen, Steven. But its more likely any potential owner would look at another alternative. If Skydome wasn’t going to be going to a grass surface at some point (which presumably won’t be removed in winter?), it could be used for a couple of years while a new arena was built. Copps coliseum is probably the best option for a two year stint if need be.

    That said, I side with Neil on this. I don’t believe there will be a second Toronto NHL team. The price of entry to the Toronto market will be so high that it would make more sense for the interested party to just buy the Leafs.

    The fact that MLSe is now owned by two warring sports broadcasters probably means that there is a better chance for T2 to happen now than at any other time in history. However, in my view it will only happen if those two parties need to dissolve their partnership and an expansion team forms part of that settlement.

  3. I’ve ask the question to some reporters and I’ve yet to get an answer. It seems nobody is asking Rogers this question. Is Rogers prepared to lose money from non-baseball events once natural grass is installed in the dome?

    The fact that Bell and Rogers each own half of MLSE is very interesting and very intriguing. These two companies are in competition against each other with home phone, internet, cell phone and sports channels (Rogers Sportsnet and TSN). Bell has satellite TV and Rogers has cable TV. Being in that board meeting with those two presidents or representatives from those two companies has to be tough for Larry Tanenbaum. The next president and CEO of MLSE man or woman will have to please and put up with those two companies.

    I’m surprised Markham didn’t offer the land where the supposedly NHL arena was going to be built to the Toronto Argonauts for their new CFL stadium. I guess the city of Markham have learn their lesson……….or not.

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