Bills owners say new stadium needed to be “competitive,” whatever that means

New Buffalo Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have made it official: They want to build a new stadium! Or have someone build them a new stadium. Or the NFL wants them to have a new stadium. Or something. Someday.

“Well, there’s going to be a new stadium somewhere, that’s all I know,” Terry Pegula said. “The league was pretty emphatic that Buffalo — we’re a small market — needs to be as competitive as we can.”

The one answer the Pegulas couldn’t provide yet is a location, timeline or how the costs of a new stadium will be split.

The Pegulas stressed they’re in no rush after the Bills’ current home, Ralph Wilson Stadium, underwent $140 million in renovations this off-season.

There’s that word “competitive” again — as those of you who’ve read our book may recall, this is part of the standard stadium playbook, though as Detroit stadium activist Frank Rashid pointed out, it’s seldom specified whether this means “competitive on the field, or the business is competitive, or what. But it suffices, because nobody asks what they mean by it. There’s never a follow-up question.”

Also not asked: How anyone knows that a new stadium would help the Bills be competitive when no one knows how much it would cost or who would pay for it. (One of the keys to making money on an investment is having the amount you spend be less than the amount you get back in new revenues. Actually, the only key.)

These would all be excellent followup questions, and the Buffalo News had a whole exclusive interview with the Pegulas to do it in, and … nope. Though we did get this tidbit from Terry:

“Sports are important. I saw it in Pittsburgh. I saw Pittsburgh transform itself from a smelly, dingy steel town to Renaissance One, and I believe there was a Renaissance Two. And championships both in football and baseball, and everybody’s head all of sudden lifted up.”

Owner of two pro sports franchises thinks sports are important. Stop the freaking presses.

4 comments on “Bills owners say new stadium needed to be “competitive,” whatever that means

  1. Strong arming for tax dollars to build a stadium is not competitive, it is corruption and shows weak character. Besides, being competitive is not a philosophy all tax payers share. As the book the Chalice and the Blade pointed out, better societies existed when function and cooperation was emphasized over competiton and hierachy – until the thundering hordes wiped those peaceful societies out. I do not think building a stadium is going to protect us from thundering hordes.

  2. Pittsburgh’s many universities, and a legacy of well paid steelworkers and other industry employees being able to afford to send their kids to college has played a role in Pittsburgh’s continued vibrancy as well.

  3. When AT&T Stadium or Heinz Field makes the trip to Orchard Park, the Bills need to have stadium that can either win or be competitive in a head to head fight.

  4. I will never be able to lift my head up because my village have 5000 will never have a major league championship team. :(