NY Post says NHL is going to give a Vegas expansion team to the Maloofs, BWAHAHAHA

The NHL gets lots of crap for being the league that lets people buy teams without bothering to check if they actually have the money to pay for them, and this is only likely to add to its legend: Yesterday’s New York Post reported that the NHL has already approved an ownership group for a not-yet-approved Las Vegas expansion team, and part of that group is the Maloof brothers. Yes, the Maloof brothers who campaigned against their own arena referendum in Sacramento, who threatened to move the Kings to Anaheim and Virginia Beach and Las Vegas before being forced to acknowledge that all those things weren’t happening, who had to be all but forcibly removed by the NBA in order to bring in an ownership group that the city of Sacramento would actually deign to give arena subsidies to. The ones who ESPN the Magazine ranked as the worst owners in all of pro sports. Those guys.

There’s still no timetable for a Vegas team, or any clear idea where it would play (though lord, will they have plenty of options), or really any confirmation of this beyond the unsourced Post report. But it looks like if and when the NHL expands, it’s extremely likely that we will have the Maloofs to kick around again. Rejoice, people.


7 comments on “NY Post says NHL is going to give a Vegas expansion team to the Maloofs, BWAHAHAHA

  1. What I love is this from the league:

    2012: Here’s our new conference alignment, 8 west, 8 midwest, 7 atlantic, 7 Flortheast.
    2013: OK, fine NHLPA, 14 west and 16 east.
    2014: We have uneven conferences, so we have to expand west, c’mon people, duh.

  2. If the NHL expands to Vegas, which would be incredibly stupid, the franchise can and will fail. I can instantly think of half a dozen cities/metropolitan areas better for hockey than Vegas.

  3. This is just Bettmanomics (if you believe the notion put forward by the Post is real) – Anything, anything at all… to ‘save’ Glendale. Again. If this goal demanded moving franchises to Tucson and Albuquerque, you know it would happen.

    In all seriousness, I do think the NHL wants to be in Vegas. I think it’s a bad idea for the many reasons listed on this website in the past, but it’s very clear that Bettman wants the NHL in Vegas no matter how big a disaster it might be (and the Maloof clown show could make this a bigger disaster than even I thought a desert based NHL team could be).

    I just struggle to believe that the NHL has approved a prospective ownership group for a franchise it hasn’t issued yet. If you are going to issue a franchise to any city, what on earth could trump having multiple interested parties for it? Even if you have to fake interest from others you stand to drive the price up for the “winner”.

  4. I’m surprised the NHL didn’t have their all-star game in Las Vegas like what the NBA did in 2007. But than I guess the NHL learned a lesson from the problems with NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas in 2007.

  5. Let’s be honest here folks, we all know that the NHL needs to contract NOT expand. Having a franchise in Las Vegas would be a disaster waiting to happen.