NE Revolution could seek South Boston soccer stadium, or not

The owners of the New England Revolution (and Patriots) are reportedly looking at a site in South Boston for a new soccer-only stadium, which would be paid for … nope, that’s not in the Boston Globe article. Okay, which would cost … nope, not that either:

At this stage, it is unclear how the stadium would be financed and whether any public funding would be needed to support the project or its infrastructure.

So we’re left with: The Kraft family may be looking at a city-owned site for a stadium, which would be paid for somehow, and somebody decided to leak that to the Globe, for reasons we do not know. That’s not much, but if vague rumors of the reports of rumors are you thing, now you have one. And if you’re wondering how the Globe art department would illustrate how a stadium there would look if built entirely out of red Legos, now you have that too:

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5 comments on “NE Revolution could seek South Boston soccer stadium, or not

  1. After years of acting like an absentee ownership group coupled with mediocre results on the field, the Kraft family is trying to ride the wave of their newfound goodwill. They opened up their wallets a few weeks ago and spent big money on USA national team star Jermaine Jones, which coincided with one of the hottest streaks the league has ever seen, so they probably thought now is the time to leak some non-news and put some pressure on the local community while the iron is hot.

    He’s got plenty of money and can pay for this without government assistance, but he also owns Foxborough Stadium and all of it s revenue streams, so he’s got no motivation to build anything new on his own. And while I’d love my Revs to have their own place, closer to the city where more fans would be able to attend, the Krafts won’t do it alone and I don’t see any reason why the government should help, so I don’t see how anything’s going to happen.

  2. If they couldn’t get those kinds of locations going for the Patriots or Red Sox, it is unlikely that soccer will do it, given that the land in that area is probably double in value now what it was in the 1990s.

  3. I get what the Krafts are going for — push a stadium while the Rev’s are hot — but as the prior commenter says, there’s just not that many Bostonians who care enough about the Revs to want to further fatten Kraft’s wallet by gifting him a stadium

  4. Via Twitterer @RobMcDoogie, here’s another rendering of the planned stadium that makes it look like they’re going to be the first MLS team to play home games on a Kindle:

  5. “They opened up their wallets a few weeks ago and spent big money on USA national team star Jermaine Jones”

    That’s partially correct. Garber had to give Jones’ rights to New England over Chicago in a manner that is consistent with his “I’ll benefit whichever clubs I want to benefit” commissioner style.

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