An NBA commissioner walks into a Milwaukee bar, says “Why the long face?”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver went to Milwaukee yesterday, and ate custard! Okay, no, he didn’t. (Or maybe he did, but that wasn’t the headline.) What he did do was meet with the owners of the Bucks, city and county officials, and local business leaders about a new arena, and emerge with this statement:

“Feel very confident that these guys are gonna get it done. I think it’s absolutely doable. We’ve seen an enormous amount of positive energy in this community,” Silver said.

That may be the most noncommittal non-statement in the history of sports commissionerships, but really, it doesn’t matter what Silver said, because all commissioners have to do to heat up arena talk is to get on a plane.

My favorite bit about this Fox6 report on the head of a sports league endorsing the notion of getting new sports venues built with public money is that with Silver, Mayor Tom Barrett, and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele all speaking mostly in platitudes, they had to turn to someone else to go into more detail about the arena plan:

Rich Kirchen with the Milwaukee Business Journal tells FOX6 News that preferred site is the location spanning the UW-Milwaukee Panthers Arena and the Journal Communications building.

“The Bucks like that site. It’s pretty centrally located,” Kirchen said…

One potential idea is a so-called “jock tax” — setting aside the taxes NBA players already pay the state  and using them specifically for building the new arena. That could cover a $150 million loan from the state.

“It’s the one thing that has not been ruled out by Gov. Walker or the Republicans in the State Legislature. And they’re the ones who would ultimately give sort of, the high-level approval on something like that,” Kirchen said.

That’s right, not only is Rich Kirchen warning Milwaukee Business Journal readers about the “culture of caution” that prevents cities from throwing money at sports deals, but he’s actually being interviewed by other Milwaukee journalists as an expert on the Bucks arena plan. I hope that he next returns the favor and next writes a column interviewing the Fox6 reporters about what they learned about the Bucks arena plan from their interviews with stadium experts, until eventually all of the Milwaukee media crashes from a stack overflow.

(And yes, I’m aware of the irony of criticizing a journalist for being interviewed as a stadium expert when I get interviewed on this basis all the time. In my defense, I’d point out two things: 1) I wrote a book, at least; 2) I’d hope that no reporters are lazy enough to ask me to explain the state of arena talks instead of, you know, actually doing the reporting themselves.)

2 comments on “An NBA commissioner walks into a Milwaukee bar, says “Why the long face?”

  1. No doubt this will go through, as most stadium deals often do, and again it’ll be at the expense of any number of common-sense things, including a more comprehensive streetcar system than is currently planned, stable funding of the park’s within city limits, as well as additional actual targeted economic development along the lines of the Water Council and the Reed Street Yards.

    Atleast the Bucks have gotten smart and actually started partnering with bars to have deals and transit between bars and the arena. Not sure how busy it’ll be, considering Bucks attendance has been so atrocious for so many years but we’ll see.