D.C. council presses ahead with eminent domain for United stadium, questions sales-tax breaks

Two D.C. council committees advanced a revised D.C. United stadium bill yesterday as expected, swapping in taking the stadium land by eminent domain in place of trading a city government building for it, also as expected. And no, the council, including councilmember and mayor-elect Muriel Bowser, still has no idea where it will get the money to buy the land:

The bill does not include a source of funding to replace the $37 million and land the city would have received through the Reeves swap. But Bowser said she was committed to finding money for the project through a combination of existing funds and new borrowing.

That’s not the only change to the plan being pursued, though, as it turns out: Council chair Phil Mendelson and government operations committee chair Kenyan McDuffie, according to the Washington Post, “have begun questioning whether the city ought to be providing $8.4 million in sales tax abatements to the team as part of a package of nearly $50 million in tax breaks.” Now there’s a question worth asking! Actually, it’s worth asking about the whole $50 million, but $8.4 million is a start, kinda?

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