Rich guy working on getting NFL team for L.A. says he’d like to get NFL team for L.A.

Last week Marcus Allen, this week the former head of Disney weighs in on the possibility of the Oakland Raiders moving to L.A.:

“It’s not my decision,” he said. “It’s not the mayor’s decision. The owners decide.”


“If we could pull this off, particularly in the downtown area, that the renaissance of Los Angeles … could be enhanced,” he said.


“I’m a Disney guy. I’m looking for the end of the movie to be happy,” he said.

And … come on, people, this guy has been working as an unpaid advisor to Mayor Eric Garcetti (read: lobbyist who gets his own desk) on an NFL stadium deal, so this is news that he thinks an NFL stadium deal would be a good thing? Seriously?

The Raiders, at least, are doing all that they can do quash any interest in where they play in the future, managing the team’s most lopsided loss since 1961. Maybe this will mean we’ll at least be spared articles about whether Kobe Bryant would deign to talk to the Raiders if they moved to town.

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