Rays vote pushed back, time of reckoning for how the hell to actually pay for stadium delayed one week

The St. Petersburg city council has pushed its vote on the Tampa Bay Rays lease modification back to next week, so that members can actually read the thing. Mayor Rick Kriseman readily agreed to the delay, as did Rays execs, so it looks like the Rays won’t be threatening to move to Montréal in the next week or anything. Things could change if the council tries to put up a fight, but it sounds like this is less a resistance move than just a “hang on, we need to find our reading glasses.”

Meanwhile, the indefatigable Noah Pransky has taken a look at what’s going to be the more important question going forward, which is how on earth to actually pay for a new stadium, whether it’s on the St. Pete side of the bay or the Tampa side. Pransky notes that the two cities’ chambers of commerce estimated back in 2012 that a stadium would take $300 million to $400 million in public money, and floated a bunch of different ideas for raising it: extend a sales tax surcharge for infrastructure improvements and redirect it to the stadium, raise the car rental tax, raise the hotel tax (note: possibly illegal under state law), kick back property taxes through a TIF district, kick back the local share of state sales taxes. Taken together these could certainly raise $400 million, but they’re also all money that could be used for other things, and once you spend it on a stadium, it’s gone.

So really it’s going to still come down to whether any government body in the Tampa region feels like handing over $300-400 million to the owner of the local baseball team, regardless of what particular tax revenue stream is allocated to it. Recent indications have not been positive, but the new agreement would give the Rays two years to announce an opt-out date from their Tropicana Field lease, which is … not plenty of time, but some time, anyway. Maybe someone will stumble upon a foolproof way to raise money before then.

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2 comments on “Rays vote pushed back, time of reckoning for how the hell to actually pay for stadium delayed one week

  1. St. Petersburg City Council rejected the deal negotiated between the Rays and the Mayor by a 5-3 vote. So, time for Plan B for the Rays to shake down the community for a news stadium.

  2. That I did not see coming.

    It’s going to be really interesting to see how Sternberg phrases his response. “You just signed your baseball team’s death warrant … 13 years from now … after I find some other guy to sell it to” doesn’t make for a snappy headline.

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