Ottawa Senators to “actively” pursue new arena on public land, with public dollars

And we have our answer to why the Ottawa Senators sponsored an economic impact study earlier this year showing that the team’s presence is worth kajillions of dollars (with the exchange rate, that’s basquillions of dollars) to the city:

The group that operates the NHL team — Senators Sports & Entertainment — has confirmed to the Citizen that it is “actively considering the opportunity” to build a new hockey arena on the grounds of LeBreton Flats.

The Senators’ current home, the Canadian Tire Centre, is only 18 years old, but it’s also in the middle of nowhere thanks to an ill-conceived plan to make it the centerpiece of a suburban shopping district. (Now where have I heard that before…) LeBreton Flats is public property, and is likely to be the site of a bidding war for the right to develop it, so presumably at least the Sens owners wouldn’t have the gall to ask for public subsidies on top of

Of course, any plans for a new arena will require support not just from private investors but community support as well. Tax dollars at work, so to speak.

Oh, Canada.

7 comments on “Ottawa Senators to “actively” pursue new arena on public land, with public dollars

  1. Y’know, this probably could have been brought up before they spent millions on the Landsdowne rink…

    “Oh, Canada.”

    Using the laziest lede in history as a closer? You’re way above that, Neil. ;-)

  2. Apparently I’m not. I did feel bad about myself for doing so, if that makes it any better.

  3. The other big factor would be development rights for the CTC and the surrounding property, which would probably be the same heated development battle all over again.

  4. He could’ve ended it with the worse “Woe Canada”.

    Take the victories where you can find them.

  5. Unlikely to be any bidding war. LeBreton flats has, except for the Canadian Military Museum, sat vacant for five decades. No proposal has ever satisfied the National Capital Commission.