Would-be Minneapolis MLS owner says he might ask for public money, “depending, who knows?”

And finally, Bill McGuire, the owner of the minor-league Minnesota United soccer franchise and hopeful MLS expansion team owner, was asked yesterday if he’d be looking for public subsidies for a new stadium — I can’t even imagine why that would cross anyone’s mind — and he had this to day:

“We’ll see when we confirm in our own minds the where’s and why’s of all of that. And depending, who knows? We haven’t asked. I mean, there’s no formal ‘ask’ out there.”

According to my ownerese-to-English dictionary, that means something like: “No, don’t bring that up now! First I have to convince MLS that I’d be a better soccer owner than the Vikings, then I have to convince them to give me an expansion franchise ahead of Las Vegas and wherever else, then I have to build excitement about a soccer-only stadium somewhere, and then I can start talking about what kind of public funding I need to make this beautiful vision a reality.”

Or as Minnesota Public Radio puts it: “That’s not a ‘no’, which usually means a ‘yes’ in the lingo of sports stadium efforts.”

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2 comments on “Would-be Minneapolis MLS owner says he might ask for public money, “depending, who knows?”

  1. An interesting subplot to this is that he is widely known as extremely wealthy and not well liked since he built his wealth running a health insurer.

  2. The Wilfs will win the MLS bid and get the next MLS team. Win/win, stadium is already getting built, will work perfectly and Las Vegas, Sacramento, and the other Minnesota clown lose!

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