Boston mayor pledges no eminent domain for Olympic stadium

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has promised he won’t use eminent domain to seize land for a potential Olympic stadium in Widett Circle in South Boston, which means it probably won’t get built there, seeing as that there a bunch of local businesses there that don’t want to move. Assuming Boston actually gets the 2024 Olympics, that is, which is still probably a longshot — the city’s bid could, in fact, come to an end as early as November, if opponents manage to get a promised referendum on the ballot to withdraw the bid. Other cities have recently had to withdraw Olympic bids after losing public votes; latest polls show 50% of Bostonians approving the bid, 33% opposed, and 17% undecided.

Or, it could all go through, and the Olympic committee could just win the proposed stadium land by throwing enough money at landholders to make it an offer they couldn’t refuse. Which could include public money. Which probably wouldn’t help Olympic advocates in any referendum battle.

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