Cuomo now says Bills stadium plan not “imminent,” acts like he’s not the one who raised it

It’s time again to play follow the bouncing Cuomo! To recap New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statements on funding a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills right after funding $227 million in renovations to the old one:

May 26, 2014: “If it was essential, I would support it.”

June 4, 2014: “I am very cautious about anything that would cost more money.”

August 10, 2014: “If we need a new stadium to keep the Bills here long term, that’s something that I’m interested in talking about.”

September 10, 2014: “I think the stadium with the renovations is doing very well.”

September 15, 2014: “The stadium’s good. Let’s stay right here for a while.”

And now yesterday:

A decision on whether and where to build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills is not “imminent,’’ Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday in Buffalo.

After a state-funded report that the administration commissioned was released last month identifying possible sites for a new stadium, Cuomo signaled to reporters that resolution of the stadium issue is far from a burning issue for his administration.

““I’m not at a point where I have a preference … I think the location question is premature,’’ Cuomo said.

Right, it’s so not urgent that Cuomo had to appoint a state commission to investigate it. Clearly something is going on here — either the Bills’ new owners have signaled to Cuomo that they want to hush up all the stadium talk until it’s a better time, as the Buffalo News’s Tom Precious speculates, or Cuomo himself wants to wait until it’s a better time — but it’d take a state-commissioned investigation to find out what.

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