Milwaukee Journal Sentinel runs actual journalistic report on arena project (just not Milwaukee’s)

I’ve been very harsh on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Don Walker, with good reason, but credit where credit is due: He wrote a good article on Saturday on NBA arena plans, even citing Judith Grant Long’s research on total subsidies to sports facilities. It was an article on the Golden State Warriors‘ plans for a privately funded arena in San Francisco, mind you, not on the Milwaukee Bucks‘ plans for a mostly publicly funded one in Milwaukee, but still, at least Walker did lay out the basics of the Warriors plan and contrast it with the Bucks one.

Sure, it would have been nice if he’d dug deeper into how the Warriors owners expect to recoup their investment (development around the site, plus being the only sizable arena in one of the nation’s wealthiest markets) and whether it makes sense for the Bucks owners to do the same, but at least it quotes more than one person. Though the conclusion still leaves a bit to be desired:

In San Francisco, “They have a vision to make the Warriors world-class, second to none,” [Warriors spokesperson P.J.] Johnston said.

The Bucks leadership seems to have that same vision. Just a different way of getting there.

Yup, just two ownership groups trying to make their arenas the best they can, one by paying for it, the other by sticking taxpayers with half the bill. Potato, potahto, right?

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