Two days before NYCFC opener, Yankee Stadium field is a dirt pile

And elsewhere in F’ed-Up Field Friday, the stadium that inherited the name Yankee Stadium from the real Yankee Stadium is set to host NYC F.C.‘s home opener in just two days, and yow:

That’s one bad-looking soccer pitch. Presumably they’re laying down sod as you read this (for once it’s not snowing in New York right now) — which they have to do in part anyway to cover the dirt infield — but playing sports on freshly laid sod doesn’t always work out so well. As with the Wrigley Field situation, conditions will no doubt be playable, but it’ll be interesting to see how well it works out.

And as for when the baseball season starts, at least one Yankees player is already preparing for the worst:

“It’s going to suck,” Teixeira told the Daily News, “but you have to deal with it. It’s going to tear up the infield, but there’s nothing we can do about it, so we’ll deal with it.”

But then, Teixeira already has years of experience with unavoidable situations that destroy his infield.

9 comments on “Two days before NYCFC opener, Yankee Stadium field is a dirt pile

  1. Two different sports with completely overlapping seasons sharing a grass field? Of course “it’s going to suck”. And everybody involved better hope they don’t have a rainy summer or they’ll be wishing they could get back to “sucks”. Seems like the MLBPA should’ve made some serious noise about protecting its membership’s health and well-being when this arrangement was announced.

  2. I figured MLS would be able to rationalize every NYCFC-related meltdown with “well they paid us $100 million, so everything is still cool.” But this might be the situation that finally convinces the league that the entire operation of that franchise needs sorting out.

    Just quietly, I want to see the “ground sharing” arrangement to turn into an unbridled disaster, just to see what happens. Apparently, the Yankees side of the equation could opt out of it as early as the end of this season……

  3. Kei, I’d rather see this groundsharing thing work out, to prove that it is a viable option and every sports franchise doesn’t need their own home. I just hate the fact that my New England Revolution are going to be the guinea pigs potentially risking their health at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

  4. The real issue is why the Yankees, are allowed to a subsidized space while doing business with the royal family of the UAE, with their inherited titles and autocratic power, owns the Manchester City team that is legally the Yankees’ partner in the NYC Football Club enterprise. and
    We should not be allowing anti-democratic dynasties in OPEC access to American tax dollars or facilities.

  5. @ Rod

    If it makes you feel any better, lots of other countries do pretty horrid favours for unelected and powerful American families.

  6. I am a New Yorker that hates having one team playing in New Jersey as a billboard for an Austrian energy drink and having waited a decade for an alternative that ended up being another billboard for an English brand playing in a makeshift stadium with no plans in sight without a single hint drop of authenticity when they advertise Manchester more than, you know, the greatest city in the world. You mean to tell me that a city like New York cannot get its own club without being whored out to outsiders?

  7. “billboard for an English brand”

    That itself is a front for a petro-soccer diplomacy/public relations operation.

  8. @JeffNY

    The NY Cosmos are a thing now. They’ve also got Raul on their squad now, which is all kinds of cool.

  9. JeffNY, Would you rather have the New England Revolution? It’s the ugly red-headed and neglected stepchild of an NFL club, whose ownership leaves open roster spots and unused cap space every single year, has virtually given up on any player acquisition method that doesn’t inolve the draft or the MLS waiver wire or a blind draw, plays on plastic grass in a ginormous NFL stadium with virtually zero MLS signage, periodically decides to enforce heavy-handed in-stadium rules that get innocent supporters ejected, and are at the worst used to fill empty dates on the stadium calendar or at best a constant reminder of the New England Patriots. Love my Revs because they are my local team, but damn that club has done so many things wrong.