AEG goes after Carson stadium next, doesn’t complain that it’s danger to airplanes

So yes, AEG gave up on their own L.A.-area NFL stadium, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun of hating on everybody else’s L.A.-area stadium plans, now does it? In the cross hairs this week: Carson’s plan for a $1.7 billion stadium for the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, which AEG said in a letter to the city’s mayor this week is “deeply flawed” and “an open invitation to litigation.”

AEG said its biggest objection to the project was the plan organizers have to skip a full environment review, and perhaps even a public vote…

“As one of Carson’s biggest investors and business stakeholders, AEG has an interest in advocating for a responsible approach to major developments in the community,” Fikre said in a statement Wednesday. “We feel it is only reasonable to ask and expect that a project of this magnitude, like others before it, be thoroughly vetted in a transparent public review.”

Now, while AEG’s planned NFL stadium did go through an environmental review, it also got a special law passed limiting legal challenges on environmental grounds, so there’s more than a bit of pot-and-kettle going on here. Carson officials, can you do anything to top this level of smug self-importance?

City Atty. Sunny Soltani said Carson officials would “give due consideration” to AEG’s concerns. She also noted the stadium site underwent a full environmental review for a shopping center proposal a few years ago.

Yep, that’ll work! Shopping centers and stadiums are totally the same thing!

If you’re wondering why AEG still cares who’s trying to build an NFL stadium when they’re not, they still run the StubHub Center in Carson (home of the Los Angeles Galaxy) and the Staples Center in L.A. (home of the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings), and so have an interest in eliminating any competition they can, even if it’s only for concerts and international soccer friendlies and the like. Which means we still have a good shot at seeing a repeat of the Cablevision-Jets fight we saw over a proposed Manhattan stadium a decade ago, something that can’t help but be more entertaining than watching any of the football teams involved actually play football.

3 comments on “AEG goes after Carson stadium next, doesn’t complain that it’s danger to airplanes

  1. Carson’s state rep was at the stadium announcement, they will get the same lawsuit protection that AEG got for Farmers.

    EIRs are a waste of time and money when city councils are not accountable for their findings. Anyway, maybe the methane can be used for the stadium’s pyrotechnics show.

  2. L.A. stadium in 2045

  3. Petty squabbles wasn’t reason “Carson lost chance for stadium…AEG could built stadium. Downtown now wearing frown losing fan opposing teams now screams don’t built outside L.A a joke concern shall have a team? Making matters worse cause the disqualification your selfish business rivalries what next located Riverside county. NFL give us a team!