Goodell on new St. Louis stadium for Rams: Sounds good, now hurry up about it already

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken on the subject of a new Rams stadium in St. Louis! He has said nice things:

“They have a great site. They have a site that I think is important for St. Louis to redevelop. I think it’s a perfect stadium site, as the governor told me. And I think they’re working towards making it a reality.

“And that’s a positive. The efforts that are going on there are very positive.”

And he has said vaguely threatening things:

Goodell said Wednesday that the league has had discussions on the committee level about moving up the timetable for relocation following the 2015 season.

“We’ve had some discussions within our (Los Angeles opportunity) committee,” Goodell said. “Whether that time frame — if there was a relocation — whether that’s the appropriate time frame to do so. There’s a lot to do when you relocate a franchise.”

All of this, of course, is part of the job description of a commissioner, who is expected to play both good cop and bad cop for team owners’ stadium demands. The only real news here, such as it is, seems to be that the NFL might consider moving up the decision time for announcing that a team or teams will or won’t move to L.A. for 2016. Also, that the league is apparently calling the group of owners in charge of this the “Los Angeles opportunity committee,” which you have to hope at least makes them feel better about their job.

2 comments on “Goodell on new St. Louis stadium for Rams: Sounds good, now hurry up about it already

  1. Tragic Scenario #1: NFL Owners force the Rams to stay in St. Louis to drain the available tax dollars there on a public funded stadium. Kroenke finishes his development & the inferior proposal in Carson dissipates, so Kroenke makes the Chargers and Raiders pay an absurdly high amount to play in his Inglewood stadium until San Diego builds a new (probably publicly funded) stadium on the current Qualcomm site and returns home. Then the Rams move to Inglewood 10 years from now tragically leaving the St. Louis stadium abandoned like an Olympic stadium.

    I know it’s extremely doubtful to play out that way, but we know how midwestern cities turn the pockets out for sports; but in this case “She’s just not into you bro” fits like a glove.

  2. I just get giddy when the time-tested L.A. stadium extortion scheme is in full gear. These are the best of times, because every man in the Club of 32 knows that the time for champagne and cigars is getting closer by the day…