Cubs add porta-potties to ease bathroom crush, now neighbors complain new sound system too damn loud

The management of the Chicago Cubs is deeply sorry about having only four functioning restrooms for 35,000 people on opening day, leading to lines spreading into the seating areas, some fans peeing against walls and in beer cups, and others leaving the stadium to use the facilities at nearby stores. They’ll fix it soon, they promise, even if it takes installing portable toilets.

Also in need of fixing, meanwhile: The new public address system atop the new godawful huge video board is too godawful loud.

“It was like someone was standing with a bullhorn and aiming it into my condo,” said Katie Miller, who lives about two blocks from the ballpark near Seminary and Cornelia avenues. “You could hear everything. Every single word.”…

[Cubs spokesperson Julian Green] said the team was redirecting two of the larger speakers on the left-field video board Monday to address the sound issues outside the park. … Green said the current setup will not be the permanent arrangement. Speakers in the grandstand eventually will be replaced during a later phase of the ballpark renovation project.

It will all get better eventually, presumably. (The Wrigley renovations are even supposed to add an entire bathroom once they’re complete.) Except for that video board, which is never going to get better ever.

One comment on “Cubs add porta-potties to ease bathroom crush, now neighbors complain new sound system too damn loud

  1. … look out, Katie… Ricketts will now charge you an annual licensing fee for “illegally listening to Cub games over the air”.

    Not via radio or anything, you know, but really over the air…

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