Glendale proposes $46m garage for Coyotes, Cardinals, because they already got them everything else

Believe it or not, the Arizona Coyotes have found yet another way to get more subsidies out of Glendale: The city council will vote in June on whether to approve a $46 million parking garage to serve the Coyotes, the Arizona Cardinals, and the local mall. The garage bonds would be paid off by Glendale’s 235,000 residents, which on the face of it is only $20 $200 [EDIT: sorry, early-morning math] apiece (plus interest), but coming on top of a $220 million arena and $275 million in operating subsidies for the NHL team, it’s adding insult to injury, if nothing else.

To be precise, the parking garage would actually still be part of the original terrible deals with the Cardinals and Coyotes, which requires the city to provide 6,000 parking spaces for the football stadium and 5,500 for the hockey arena. (The new parking deck would hold 4,000.) And it would save the city a few hundred thousand dollars a year that it’s been spending on renting spaces to meet that obligation.

Still, it’s another expense that hasn’t previously been accounted for in the subsidy totals, so update your scorecards appropriately. And shake your head sadly for the poor citizens of Glendale, who are paying a record price for the presence of a hockey team that hardly any of them are actually interested in going to watch.

4 comments on “Glendale proposes $46m garage for Coyotes, Cardinals, because they already got them everything else

  1. The Milwaukee Bucks are also trying to extort the City of Milwaukee over a block-long parking facility. The city owns a 980-space parking complex it built for about $25M to provide parking for the current arena. Despite it making almost $1M a year, being right across from proposed new arena, and with no deferred maintenance, the mayor wants to give (not sell) the Milwaukee Bucks the garage (with commercial space on first floor). The Bucks will then tear down the garage, replace it with another garage somewhere else, and build a year-round “entertainment block”, also directly paid for by taxpayers. Bucks are currently demanding $250M (before interest) from taxpayers but that could be much more, since nothing has been costed), and the planned footprint is 27 acres.
    So taxpayers will pay every which way so Bucks can collect an ungodly percentage of every transaction under the “arena umbrella.” The City already annually subsidizes the no-rent-paying Bucks and state taxpayers put up $10 M recently for maintenance. But the Bucks got paid their $4.7M revenue share (of $11M in total arena income) last year for just showing up. Another reason the Bucks are demanding the tear-down: it’s right next to a thriving dining/club district (and fancy high-rise residence). No way taxpayers should keep getting a piece of that action…

  2. It’s actually close to $200 per resident. Plus interest of course. And in a few years, maybe the parking garage won’t be state-of-the-art so the taxpayers can be dinged for upgrades.

  3. Whoops, yeah, so it is. (Correction posted, thanks.)

    I don’t think anyway has managed to insert a state-of-the-art clause into garage requirements yet, but I haven’t actually checked. I wouldn’t put it past the Bengals to require allowances for flying cars.