Cubs really need less ironic slogan for Wrigley renovations than “Making the Confines Friendlier”

Putting up some kind of barrier so that fans can’t hassle players for autographs while they’re walking to their cars isn’t all that unusual. Doing so while in the middle of renovations that have left fans without enough restrooms for two months, then slapping a logo on top reading “Making the Confines Friendlier” — that’s so Cubs.

(Incidentally, can anyone tell me who’s actually being protected from whom by this autograph barrier? It looks like it’s on the corner of Seminary and Waveland, adjacent to the “triangle building” site that’s under construction in the background. But I see what look like fans on both sides — do the players walk a gauntlet between the two fences to the lot on the north side of Waveland? And do they have their own restrooms there?)

4 comments on “Cubs really need less ironic slogan for Wrigley renovations than “Making the Confines Friendlier”

  1. Confine (noun): the borders or boundaries of a place, especially with regard to their restricting freedom of movement.

  2. If the Cubs ownership were given more public stadium cash, these sorts of things wouldn’t happen!

    I admit to dipping a bit deep into the 100 year old cognac this evening, hehe.

  3. The away team, Neil.

    I’ve heard from players for visiting teams that they could have used that barrier while walking to the team bus. It had nothing to do with autograph seekers, the fans were brutal and I’ll bet they’re worse now.

  4. So the players are walking inside that enclosed corridor? Did they have to move the bus pickup spot because of construction or something?

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