IUPUI says Indy Eleven needs $50-60m in stadium upgrades, can they get advance on their allowance?

Aw, man, I should have known that Indiana state bill to limit Indy Eleven to $20 million in public money for renovations to their current stadium would be too good to be true. The latest snag: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, which owns the stadium, says it would actually cost $50 million to $60 million to make it soccer-ready:

[IUPUI VP Tom] Morrison told lawmakers that Carroll Stadium, built in 1982, is “in desperate need of repair” and that a new, midsize stadium would fill “a gap in our community in terms of (sports) venues that size.”

Before you say anything: Yes, Indy Eleven is already playing at Carroll Stadium, and drawing well for a minor-league soccer team, so presumably fans aren’t afraid the place is going to fall down. No, Morrison didn’t say where that $50-60 million price tag came from. No, he also didn’t offer to pay for it, saying the school could only help pay for upgrades “around the edges,” and that hosting concerts probably wouldn’t bring in much money, so “I wouldn’t build a financial model around it.”

What appears to be going on here is that IUPUI has noticed that they could get a new(ish) stadium out of this deal, and so are presenting the state legislature with a wish list to see how much exactly they can get. Right now the state bill still limits state funding to $20 million, but there’s still the city of Indianapolis to hit up for cash, so keep one hand on your wallets, Hoosiers.

5 comments on “IUPUI says Indy Eleven needs $50-60m in stadium upgrades, can they get advance on their allowance?

  1. HB 1273 was amended to include this verbiage, “Carroll Stadium or it’s successor”, see Advance Indiana Blog


    They are still working on a new stadium deal and much more than 20 million dollars.

  2. These folks should visit a typical English Premier League stadium to see what passes for acceptable and profitable in a real league. White Hart Lane is a great place to start.

  3. This article is extremely biased and narrow-minded!!! In reality!!!!…. There is currently an arms race of every major city in the country for a MLS team…. (Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St Louis, Detroit, Vegas, San Antonio, Carolina,etc…) Why? The MLS is watched in countries across the globe and the marketing benefits are enormous. Soccer is the sport of the future with more players and leagues appearing every year in small town America….. The USA has the largest youth program in the World with 10s of thousands of youth in Indiana alone…. IU and the NCAA want to get involved with this new stadium now also….. They want a venue for the NCAA soccer championships… There also are countless options for an outdoor soccer facility to host festivals and various amateur sports as well… In 10 or 20 years, Indy will regret it if they do not make a move now…… Sports have changed the image and economy of central Indiana and this project will be a part of this revolution… WAKE UP!!!!

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