Minneapolis council could try to override mayor’s veto of $45m United soccer tax break

The Minneapolis city council could try to override a presumed veto from Mayor Betsy Hodges on granting a full property tax exemption to a new Minnesota United soccer stadium, reports Minnesota Public Radio:

With support for the stadium growing on the 13-member council, Blong Yang, who represents the north side, said he might be able to marshal nine votes needed to override a mayoral veto.

“That’s within the realm of possibility,” he said.

The city would still “likely” need the state legislature’s permission to waive property taxes as well, reports MPR. That’s a hurdle that the Twins managed to clear (narrowly) for their own stadium nine years ago, so you can bet that United’s owners are going to use the “hey, it’s not your money at stake” argument as well.

Meanwhile, MPR didn’t provide a figure for how much the property tax break would be worth, so I’m sticking with my $45 million guesstimate until further notice. If anyone has a more precise number, feel free to shout it out in comments below.

One comment on “Minneapolis council could try to override mayor’s veto of $45m United soccer tax break

  1. Things were better in Minneapolis when I owned R.T. Ryback. This broad they elected won’t take my calls. Imagine!

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