NFL actually issues official response to why its website has a “Los Angeles Rams” page

So that was interesting: When I reported yesterday on the Los Angeles Rams page that was hidden on the NFL’s website and wrote, “Conspiracy-theorize away, people of the Internet,” I thought maybe we’d get a crazy Reddit thread out of it. Instead, the news (or “news”) got picked up by Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report and tons of other places, with someone even reporting that it showed up on a St. Louis TV station.

And now, it’s gotten an official response from the NFL, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Alex Riethmiller, NFL vice president for communications, said, “It’s a bug in the system that, when you manipulate the URL, will pull up a legacy team from that city if no current one exists.”

So everyone can officially calm down, okay? There’s also a Boston Patriots page, and the Patriots aren’t moving back to Boston. It’s just the way the search function on the NFL teams page is coded, and no particular team is singled out for — sorry, what’s that, NBC Sports’ Mike Florio?

But the glitch has its limits. Inserting “POT” unfortunately does not return a page for the Pottsville Maroons.


5 comments on “NFL actually issues official response to why its website has a “Los Angeles Rams” page

  1. The whole team reference URL system has been changed at now. I wanted to check if I could get the Racine Cardinals by typing “RAC”.

  2. When you type in it takes you to the LA Dodgers page. I am pretty sure they aren’t moving back either.

  3. You can still pull up the Boston Patriots and Phoenix Cardinals pages. They’ve killed the LA Rams or LA Raiders pages. “Bug,” my foot.