Bucks arena to include magic basketball that will transform Milwaukee into world of color

MILWAUKEE —The Milwaukee Bucks released a video Thursday showing what good a new arena could do.

Oh, boy! I hope this involves one of those computerized flyovers that are all the rage! Preferably with the arena leaping into action to save Milwaukee citizens from the Green Goblin!

Okay, so, um, floaty basketball that will apparently reorganize molecular structure at the subatomic level into life-generating matter of equal mass. That’s pretty good, too!

I’m not sure which I like best about this, the disclaimer that the arena won’t actually look like it’s depicted in the video (the magic basketball, presumably, will look exactly like this), or the bit that shows all six of the Bucks’ one championship banner being lowered from the rafters. Promotional videos are just awesome.

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10 comments on “Bucks arena to include magic basketball that will transform Milwaukee into world of color

  1. lol Disclaimer: location subject to change. possibly seattle. maybe tukwila?

  2. Yeah, sure, an arena in Milwaukee is “Wisconsin’s home”, not that football stadium up north.

    Nice sound editing. Music overwhelmed the guy for much of the vid. Maybe the same folks who control the surround sound on Fox sports events?

  3. I bet anything this was done by the same video people who do the in-arena pregame presentations. It just has that feel about it.

  4. I’m not convinced in the least bit that this makes more sense that renovating the Bradley Center. And I don’t see how cramming Marquette and maybe the admirals in with the Bucks again instead of splitting up here is the way to go either.

  5. Jordan, The Bucks never say a word about the Admirals. They may end up at the Panther Arena with UWM.

    The vid’s flyover style reflects the Bucks’ owners view of MKE. They seem unaware of all the existing entertainment and other development throughout Downtown & Third Ward. To the extent they’re aware of Third Street & Water Street nightlife, the goal of their planned arena-annex “bar district” is to poach patrons of those establishments. Big-leagues just want to expand their monopolies, to “expand their footprints” and capture revenue wherever they can. A new brand of corporate imperialism, subsidized by taxpayers. The Bucks want to “own” MKE’s future…and desperate elected officials just may let them.

  6. Okay makes me wish I could make one showing the other view..
    Closed firehouses,
    fewer police on the street
    library hours reduced
    less schools and teachers
    lower test scores avg.
    Reduced money for infrastructure (Think Bridges and roads)
    Quality of life reduced.

    Almost everything reduced except taxes you pay and what it will cost to see a game.

  7. Scott Walker also said an arena deal will be announced in two weeks and there’s no need for more money from the Bucks owners. He hates entitlement programs unless the recipients are billionaires.

  8. I appeciate how honest they are. Things don’t change, you just see it differently. Like, before, you thought about that bar that was near the stadium as the Upper 90 Sports bar. Once their plan goes off, it’s a vacant location. Changed opinions!


    If there’s a ripple effect, shouldn’t the stadium be much more inland? You’re wasting the ripple in the lake, dammit. I’ve got to admit that part about champions was the part that really impressed me. I had no idea the Black Hawks were moving there.

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