WI realtors buy ads claiming Bucks arena job creation, win free space in Milwaukee Business Journal

I honestly don’t get why Milwaukee’s commercial realtors are so hot for a new Bucks arena — the Commercial Association of Realtors Wisconsin previously announced plans to come up with its own arena funding proposal, though I don’t believe they followed through — but they’ve stepped it up a notch by announcing they’ll be buying billboard space to tout the project. One such ad reprinted in the Milwaukee Business Journal reads “New ARENA jobs = 10,000,” which, well, I guess they’re not the Commercial Association of Copywriters Wisconsin.

Other things I don’t honestly get: Why the Business Journal’s Rich Kirchen wrote an entire article repeating the realtor ads’ claims without, you know, doing some checking to see whether ARENA jobs really = 10,000. (SPOILER: Almost certainly not, especially when even arena proponents only say that “many” of these jobs would be permanent.) There’s a fine line between reporting on a PR campaign and giving it free publicity — as many people may end up seeing these ads from this article as will in the flesh — and I’d say this piece crosses it. Though come to think of it, maybe the way the Business Journal portrayed the billboard thumbnail was a clever commentary on the arena’s actual likely impact:


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10 comments on “WI realtors buy ads claiming Bucks arena job creation, win free space in Milwaukee Business Journal

  1. Obviously construction project jobs are going to be temporary, but I can think of a number of construction projects that are actually a public good for that price tag. You know, like schools or libraries, most of which in Milwaukee are very old and are ADA nightmares. But only small children and people who actually live in the city go to those places, and they do things for FREE, those communists!

  2. I see the bullshit is out in full force. Nothing is going to stop this arena from being built, is there? Why do we even have politicians if all they’re going to do is lie, cheat & steal from the public no matter what?

  3. I just wanted to point out that this “bullshit” is being generated by group of leaders of private industry printed by a private concern. There is time enough for politicians to choose what privately generated lies they repeat later. And since you brought it up this would be coprophagia-ocracy.

  4. Dear mp34, Sacramento welcomes you to the show.

    I can tell you what’s next: “This arena will generate $11B in new economic activity over 30 years!”

    I will say that if that was true, build the damned thing, and start today if possible. However, it’s utter BS.

    And yet, that claim is coming. Soon. If it hasn’t already.

  5. Next 30 years??

    This thing will be obsolete and in desperate need of replacement within, what, 15 tops?

  6. The ad hype could also easily include “And a new arena will cure cancer…” for as factual as the ad is.

    But repetition is everything in ad campaigns. This one will certainly work, especially as reinforced by “news reports” in JS and Business Journal.

  7. Speaking of Sacramento, this article came out today.


    Do your best to read through the graphic that accompanies the article. It’s quite interesting.

    I’ve acknowledged for a long time that the arena will be completed. But I also think that in order for this to happen, SBH will have to return those sweeteners. It’s interesting to note that Ranadive wants some way to get out of completing the payoff of the original loan from 1997. That loan was for just under $100M, and the balance is at about $70M. However, a clause in that loan says that if the City build a competing facility before the loan is paid off that the owners of the Kings won’t have to make any more payments. I think forgiveness of that loan will be automatic, once the new arena opens — and, moreover, I think our leadership knows this as well. So yeah, we’re looking at close to $200M in benefits provided by the City in addition to the bond sale. That will put our contribution at something around 90%.

    I’m looking forward to the trial.

  8. Wow. Can we get any more unsubstantiated cynicism? The public always has an always will see through BS and embrace truth. If a stadium campaign is full of BS, it will fail to get public support. History has shown this time and time again.

  9. Ben-
    I wish that failing to get public support, based on BS claims, would keep bad-deal sports venues from being built. Neil has reams of contrary evidence. Miller Park in MKE is a prime example.

    It appears that public outrage may result in making final deals a bit less awful for taxpayers, but probably won’t derail most bad deals. It’s still worth fighting, to possibly save the public a worse fate.

    Not a single politician in MKE has called for billionaire owners to pay more for their palace.

  10. The general public invariably sees through the BS. Put any of these proposals up for a vote and they’ll lose.

    However, when developers make just the right campaign contributions, or promise to make them in the future, all of a sudden Councils see the error of the public’s ways, and we’re done.

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