Every time someone Likes Field of Schemes on Facebook, an angel gets 100 extra hits

A bit of blog business while we all wait to see if that Orlando City S.C. no-public-money stadium offer is for real (reply still hazy, ask again later): See that little blue “Like” button over to the right, underneath the baseball stadium photo? Clicking that will add you to the list of people who have Liked Field of Schemes on Facebook, enabling you to get notices of the latest stadium reports in your news feed along with your daily allowance of cat GIFs.

Even if you hate reading news on Facebook, though — it really does distract from the cat-watching — there’s a reason to click that button if you value the reporting that goes on here. That’s because, thanks to the magic of Mark Zuckerberg’s secret algorithms, every Like that this page gets is also a vote for it to be seen by more Facebook users. Eventually, Facebook starts even recommending pages to people who’ve never heard of them, which helps spread the news here to an even wider audience, which is kind of the point of doing all this. (And also somehow gets converted into money to pay me for me time in bringing you this news, or so the underpants gnomes tell me.)

Obviously, if you’re here to hate-read me and post comments about how unfair I am by subjecting your favorite team’s stadium dreams to the harsh realities of math, don’t click that blue button. (Hate-readers are still welcome here, I hope it goes without saying.) But if you’d like to help spread the word about Field of Schemes and all that we write about, it would be weirdly helpful for you to inform the Facebook bots that you feel that way. Thanks!

5 comments on “Every time someone Likes Field of Schemes on Facebook, an angel gets 100 extra hits

  1. I clicked. I hate facebook, don’t have time to do any facebooking, and only have an account because I was yet another lemur jumping into the water when everybody else did.

    But for you, Neil, and for all of your wisdom and humorous posts, I clicked.

  2. Thanks, JC! Though just to be clear: You will never hate Facebook as much as people who actually use Facebook.

  3. Everything I know about Facebook, I learned by watching South Park. I did click on the link, but wasn’t surprised when it took me to a page where, to proceed further, I would have had to create a Facebook account. There is a real problem here for those of us who want to try to believe in democracy. If, as seems likely, the franchise will be restricted in future to those willing to accept “privacy policies” that run to thousands of words, but that may be summed up in four: “We own you, B____!

  4. Neil as i sit here and think, and clicked on like, I got facebook for a hs class reunion 10 years ago. I am not friends with my wife as she sees me every day almost so to be friends would be stupid she says. with 4 years of high school and 4 years of college she has 34 FRIENDS

    at lease we got the stock on the rebound.

    My worry is in PA we have 5 stadiums/arenas over10 year sold how are we going to have the money.to replace them

  5. For those who don’t want to be on Facebook, there are plenty of other ways to support this site. (For one thing, you can click “Support This Site” above.) It’s a way that many people get their news and information these days, though, so it’s helpful when those who are in Zuckerberg’s clutches help spread the word.

    And big thanks to those who have — we’re now at 99 new Likes for this week, which is incredible. As a result, more people are seeing these posts, and the thin trickle of ad revenue I’m getting has increased slightly, making it easier for me to justify spending more time each day on reading and reporting on stadium news. Yes, it is weird that this results from a bunch of people clicking a blue button, but the future is weird.