Atlanta TV station gives viewers exclusive look at Falcons’ attempts to sell them tickets

Look, I know that news outlets, especially crappy ones like local TV stations, are obsessed with scoops and that corporate communications directors exploit this by offering “exclusives” to things that are really just PR events. But that doesn’t stop this report on Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News from being so, so very sad.

So very sad.

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8 comments on “Atlanta TV station gives viewers exclusive look at Falcons’ attempts to sell them tickets

  1. That Halo Board would be completely annoying! Who wants to see this? 64000 square feet of LED’s distracting you for hours on end. In my book that is a huge Negative. All they talk about are clubs and suites. Not Impressed.

  2. I’m not sure if that’s sadder than the fact that I just spent a few minutes watching half of it, and I live in San Francisco.
    Curse you deMause and your tempting posts!

  3. So the fans get the bells and whistle stadium that they will pay to maintain. Amazing how the billionaire owners can continue to fool the sheep in believing that they are building billion-dollar stadiums to better the experience for the fans. In Atlanta, the fans get to hang out in hip clubs, chill in plush suites with personal bar included but what about the fan(s) who simply want to watch a football game? They will have to pay for amenities that they will never have access to. It pays to be a franchise owner.

  4. I can’t believe the PSLs will be that cheap. If I heard them right it ranged from 500 to 5000. Is that per year or something?

  5. Tim K May I steal Your Quote?
    “Curse you deMause and your tempting posts!”

    I live in Philadelphia

  6. What’s sad about an NFL team getting rich as sin with public assistance? Where I come from that calls for a celebration!

  7. I’m surprised they managed to come up with that much material for “Atlanta Falcons History.” I figure it would boil down to a photo of Gary Andersen missing that kick in Minnesota.

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