Bucks arena plan may or may not be imminent, as senate tries to figure how to pass it without actually voting for it

There’s a press conference set for this afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin on the Milwaukee Bucks arena financing plan — nobody seems to know what time, possibly including the people holding the press conference, though it could be 3 pm, or maybe sometime tomorrow — and here’s what we know about what the proposal will look like:

[State senate president Mary] Lazich says lawmakers still have yet to see a final funding plan.

Okay, then!

Meanwhile, support in the senate continues to grow for excising any arena funding bill from the state budget and voting on it separately, with two-thirds of the senate’s Republican majority now backing such a move. That would seem to be bad news for any arena deal — the whole reason for getting the arena out of the budget would be so that Republicans could vote for the budget while not voting for the arena — except that apparently the plan is also that some Democratic senators from Milwaukee could then vote for the arena but against the hated governor’s hated budget. No one seems to have actually tried to tally how many votes this gambit would lose or gain, though the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quotes Milwaukee Democratic senator Tim Carpenter as saying, “It stinks and I couldn’t vote for it,” which sounds like one “no,” anyway.

4 comments on “Bucks arena plan may or may not be imminent, as senate tries to figure how to pass it without actually voting for it

  1. Neil,

    If the arena gets pulled out of the budget and killed, it will certainly test your theory that politicians don’t get voted out of office for letting pro teams leave.

  2. The most vigorous opposition to the deal (as leaked) is right-wing radio host Charlie Sykes.

    He’s actually talking (writing) about an alternative deal that would be a real “partnership” by giving the public an equity interest, making loans, not grants to the project. He even interviewed Michael Lewis (“Big Short”) on the deal.

    He’s got a lot of influence, including with the guv and GOP state legislators. Should be interesting,

  3. Ben: As well as testing your theory that if an arena deal isn’t approved this year, the Bucks will move.

  4. Here area thoughts on the new plan. Better than before, but the County contribution is still sketchy as hell, and the claim that it’s “cheaper to have em stay here” seems to be total BS.


    The budget is supposed to be done this month, but the arena funding can definitely be decided later.