Owner says Red Sox will move out of Fenway by 1972

I hate Throwback Thursday to the extent that I’ve made a Social Fixer tab to hide all references to it in Facebook, but someone sent this along on Twitter, so I thought I’d share:

“I don’t care who you are or how much money you have- you can’t lose a million or so each year.”

“Sometimes I wonder why I have continued (to take losses) for as long as I have. Maybe it’s been too long,” he said with a slight smile, “I really don’t know.”

“When I look at it from a business standpoint a man would have to be:

“A. Crazy

“B. Like to lose money

“C. Like to continue to lose more money.”

“And no one — at least that I know of — is like that.”

That was Boston Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey, in 1967, explaining why there was no way the Red Sox would still be playing in Fenway Park by 1972. In addition to saying it would be “almost impossible to exist financially in Fenway Park,” Yawkey dropped a reference to the Braves moving out of Boston to Milwaukee, and was described (by longtime Boston Globe reporter Will McDonough) as having exhibited “tremendous generosity in all phases of his operation over the years,” which will come as a surprise to all the African-American ballplayers he refused to employ on his club.

Anyway, go read it, it’s a great blast from the past. And then have a look at this.

3 comments on “Owner says Red Sox will move out of Fenway by 1972

  1. Oh my god! That Simple Fixer add-on! I can block all OITNB or Game of Thrones or WorldStar posts!?!? Thank you!

  2. It takes a bit of practice to get the filters right, but yeah. Social Fixer is the only thing that makes Facebook tolerable.

  3. So, did he move, or get the new ballpark?

    Sorry I’m not really keeping up on baseball.