A’s owner now says MLB wouldn’t actually help pay for new stadium, world makes sense again

So that San Jose Mercury News report that Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff said MLB would help him fund a new stadium? Now the San Francisco Chronicle says Wolff says it’s not so:

Just this week, Wolff let it be known that new Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was fully behind the A’s effort. However, he dismissed reports that MLB would kick in some money to get it done in Oakland.

“Dismissed reports”? But the reports came from you, according to the Merc News? Why … oh, never mind.

Meanwhile, Wolff is continuing to explore parts of the Oakland Coliseum site where a new stadium could be built while the A’s play in the old one. As for the Raiders, their execs continue to talk with the city of Oakland and Alameda County, though county officials would rather just the city buy them out of the Coliseum entirely so they don’t have to deal with it. The general assumption seems to be that the A’s are closer to a deal than the Raiders are, but that could just be social media getting ahead of itself; anyway, it’s always better to wait until we see actual funding plans, not just site preferences, before declaring anything set in even wet concrete.

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  1. And this is why many of us warned you not to trust info being sent to you by newballpark.org. Rhamesis Muncada is not a reliable source for anything related to a new stadium for the A’s, just spews things that opponents of keeping the A’s in Oakland send him or he gets his info from Lew since many of firmly believe he is in Lew back pocket.

  2. It was John Hickey who reported the MLB funding claim, not newballpark.org.

  3. Regardless, using “ML” as a source is going to burn you in the long run. Trust me as myself and others have dealt with him for a long time. He may seem likes he knows what is going on Neil, but that is only because of his typing skills.

    I should mention that Floyd Kephart, Coliseum City’s master developer, called him out for doing a write up about Coliseum City that was filled with a ton of false information.

    Just trying to save you from having to recant things he may try to pass onto you as “fact” so it doesn’t affect your credibility.

  4. Thanks for the concern trolling, but I think both I and readers here know how to tell the difference between good reporting and bad.

    Also, be mindful that as ML/Rhamesis is a reader and sometime commenter here, the “no personal attacks” rule applies. Criticizing his specific writings is fine, “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” as a blanket statement arguably crosses the line.

  5. Keith:
    Attacking a writer who has prolifically covered the A’s stadium saga, and who has put more effort and research into writing about the subject than probably anyone else (bloggers, Tweeters, and professional journalists alike) is not a good way to argue for your side of the debate. And the attempt to perpetuate a highly conjecturous conspiracy theory about him being paid by Lew Wolff also really doesn’t cast your side of the argument in a good light.

  6. Some 13,000 at the game last night in Oakland. Lots of empty seats to see the Triple A A’s. It’s time someone bought the team and moved them to one of the following cities that want a team: Salt Lake City, Portland, Oregon (and with Nike, what else would a team need regarding corporate sponsorship?), Vancouver, even New Orleans.
    The Giants own the San Francisco Bay Area once again. One thing for sure, Charlie Finley wouldn’t have thought about moving the A’s from Kansas City in the first place if the Giants weren’t an aging team with an aging Willie Mays by 1968.
    Lew Wollf and Mark Davis, for that matter, don’t want to spend any of their own dimes to build anything, and they don’t seem to be finding any private money to do so. They think they can make the City of Oakland and the County of Alameda get so desperate to not lose both teams that they’ll just empty their public tax dollar coffers to keep both or either. It’s not going to work.
    In a few years time I wouldn’t be surprised if the A’s are sold and moved to one of the cities I’ve suggested, and the Raiders are down in LA, or in San Antonio with a new name: the Renegades!

  7. “Salt Lake City, Portland, Oregon (and with Nike, what else would a team need regarding corporate sponsorship?), Vancouver, even New Orleans.”
    It will never, ever happen. Only one city has a MLB ready stadium & It’s Montreal, and that’s a one-in-a-billion shot. $1 billion stadiums just don’t pop up like magic.

  8. What are you talking about? The A’s have made it pretty clear that they are willing to pay the construction cost for their own new stadium. The Raiders are the ones banking on a public subsidy for construction and for operation, and have already received both in the current stadium.

  9. A’s will build in the year… twenty…twenty-five…if Lew Wolf is still alive…

  10. MLB can certainly “Help” without putting any money in… perhaps that is what the MN article meant to suggest (but so far as I can see, didn’t actually…)

    In fact, any league commissioner’s primary function is to do his employer’s bidding where stadium extortion is required/deemed necessary.

    In other words, move along folks, nothing to see here…