Miami’s deal with Marlins gives Loria right to dictate terms for Beckham’s soccer stadium

So it turns out there are some problems with the Miami soccer stadium site next to Marlins Park, beyond any possible need for public subsidies and evicting old people from their homes. And, surprise, surprise, these stem from the horrible Marlins stadium deal, which keeps on being horrible. As uncovered this week by Miami Today’s Michael Lewis:

  • A soccer team in a stadium next door to the Marlins facility wouldn’t be allowed to sell naming rights until the Marlins had done so first. And Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria hasn’t sold naming rights to his building yet because it is a monument to waste with a hideous sculpture and gets rain delays despite a costly retractable roof.
  • If allowed to sell naming rights, the soccer team wouldn’t be allowed to conflict with the Marlins’ sponsor — so, no two competing banks or airlines or what have you.
  • “No soccer exterior ads may conflict with a major Marlins sponsor. But if soccer sells an exterior ad that doesn’t conflict, the Marlins can then sign a conflicting sponsor and the soccer sponsor can’t renew.”
  • Neither soccer games nor soccer stadium construction can take place before, during, or after Marlins games, and the Marlins can set their own schedule as they see fit. And can change it at will, and the soccer team has to lump it.

Clearly, somebody in the Marlins’ lease-writing division was thinking ahead to having a soccer team as a neighbor, and the city and county lease negotiators decided to sign off on whatever the baseball team wanted. Which should come as no surprise, since it’s pretty much what they did with the entire stadium deal, but it’s going to create some headaches for David Beckham’s stadium plans. One can only hope that Miami isn’t asked to kick in public money to make up for some of these obstacles, but I wouldn’t hope too hard, given Miami’s track record here.

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5 comments on “Miami’s deal with Marlins gives Loria right to dictate terms for Beckham’s soccer stadium

  1. Like Calvin Trillin’s pacifist at the Army-Navy game, you can root for one side or the other to suffer a defeat of humiliating proportions.

  2. Thank you so much for your article , I live just across from the Marlims stadium , in THE apartments where David plans to build the soccer stadium, I did like 6 interviews with the local channels but none of them have given any latest news about the soccer deal (just to think about it has cause me plenty plenty of stress of moving out and facing the horrible reality of losing all my income. ITs BAD IDEA TO BUILD ANOTHER STADIUM just across from another one , traffic will be a nightmare, and Marlins will loose a lot , they could remodel the baseball stadium to accommodate soccers fans and when the baseball season come then back again to how it was .. ( just an idea ,but financial gains are the first priority for Beckham and the Mayor

  3. I like soccer, but general root against new stadiums and the Marlins so I con’t know where I fall either. I am for stadiums sharing parking lots, weather it is with business or other stadiums, but I don’t live in the area so can’t speak to this one. I wouldn’t think the sponsor conflict would be too big a deal, the demographics are different, but I don’t know Miami

  4. Montrealers might wish to take this opportunity to thank South Florida and Major League Baseball for taking Jeffrey Loria off their hands. It came at the cost of the city’s MLB franchise, but no price is too great to pay to never have to see Mr. Loria in your city again.

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