Tuesdays will never be the same again: Heather McCoy Show finale tomorrow at 8 am PT/11 am ET

For the past two years, I’ve been honored to be a weekly guest on Heather McCoy’s radio show on KUCI in Irvine. Tomorrow morning is her last show, and expect a star-studded cavalcade of, okay, I think it’s probably just going to be a regular show. But who knows? Maybe we’ll solve the problem of public sports subsidies once and for all. You never know — so tune in tomorrow morning at 8 am Pacific (11 am Eastern) and find out!

And if you miss it, the archive of tomorrow’s show (and all past shows) will remain available via the Heather McCoy Show podcast page. It’s no substitute for hearing us talk about the latest stadium news, but given that we were probably going to be talking about the possibility of any NFL teams moving to L.A. for the next few months, reruns might not end up being all that different.

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5 comments on “Tuesdays will never be the same again: Heather McCoy Show finale tomorrow at 8 am PT/11 am ET

  1. Hi Neil,

    Clicking on ‘the Heather McCoy podcast page’ take me to http://www.kuci.org/podcasts/?ShowID=1144 which displays some pretty awesome ‘XML’ code. I don’t think that is what you had in mind.

  2. Yes I am using chrome. Just tried internet-exploder and it works there as well. Wow, that’s my 1st encounter with a URL not working in chrome and working with other browsers.

  3. Really happy I caught some of the very sharp, funny, and insightful discussion between you and Heather McCoy today, only to be saddened by learning it was the last show! Thank you for sharing your perspective on the machinations behind building our towering monuments to sport, for better or worse. Thank you also for your honest words of praise for her professionalism and intelligence as a host, which we’ll all miss. At least only locally- hopefully she’ll grace us on the airwaves with new and thoughtful commentary while she pursues her degree. I’m so glad she was inspired by you to major in urban planning. You must be doing something right, too.

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