Every city in the U.S. still thinks it can get an MLS franchise, and you know what that means

Sacramento Republic FC has chosen a designer for a new soccer stadium if it makes it to MLS (not that it doesn’t already have design renderings — hope you know how to design magical purple glowing radio towers, HNTB!), and the mayor of San Antonio is looking to help bring an MLS team to an expanded stadium in her city even as the local NASL owner is selling his franchise, and some developers in Las Vegas want to convert the 51’s minor-league baseball stadium for an MLS team, and…

…you know what? I’m going to go watch some baseball at the place with the free tickets. If there’s any important stadium news the rest of this week I’ll check in. If it’s just more MLS expansion teams, it can wait till next week.

Meanwhile, enjoy your vaportecture porn:


13 comments on “Every city in the U.S. still thinks it can get an MLS franchise, and you know what that means

  1. No, it’s the top of the Channel 3 transmitter. For Sacramento, it’s kinda the same thing.

  2. The people inside the stadium are in for a rude surprise when they find that zombie horde waiting for them. (Gotta be zombies, how else you gonna get that many bodies wandering around outside a stadium?)

  3. I notice that in all these sports facilities pictures, there are thousands of people milling around, but there are never any cars. I’m never sure how the people got there.

    Arena progress:


  4. I know I’m dating myself, but I still get the willies everytime I see a big red star.

  5. I am absolutely crestfallen that Louisville didn’t make the list of cities reaching for an MLS team.


  6. This is how incompent “leaders” in my hometown of Las Vegas are. The minor league baseball team here would like to build a new stadium in an unincorporated section of town called Summerlin. The owners (notably Howard Hughes Corp.) wants the City of Las Vegas to help foot the bill, even thought the stadium would not be in the city limits. Which means no money going to the city coffers. All tax revenue (how miniscule it would be) would go to Clark County.

    Needless to say, Las Vegas politicians are considering the proposal. In the same town where the so-called wealthy Las Vegans live and deride anyone who is perceived out of their ilk. Welfare: isn’t it grand?

  7. Freakanatcha:

    Does that mean I’m old, too. I had the same reaction: “Why are we granting the Communists franchises in our sports leagues? Wolverines!”

  8. I believe the renewed interest in the Sacramento Republic’s stadium is based on the fact the group in Minnesota has missed the imposed deadline for having their own stadium plan. According the reports, the Sacramento MLS stadium will be privately financed and is shovel ready. Honestly, there is enough land mass in that general area to accommodate the A’s and Raiders.