D.C. mayor says she wants new NFL stadium at RFK site regardless of whether study says it’s a good idea

Brian Flahaven, the D.C. neighborhood commissioner who previously called out councilmember Vincent Orange’s crazy idea for a 100,000-seat NFL stadium on the RFK stadium site as crazy, now reports that Mayor Muriel Bowser has told him that she wants to pursue a new stadium on the NFL site as well — notwithstanding that the city’s stadium authority is in the middle of a study as to whether that makes sense:

When I asked Mayor Bowser to share her vision of the future of the RFK site during a recent meeting with ANC commissioners, she stated her desire to build a new football stadium at the site, calling the Events DC study a fallback plan.

Her rationale? Besides the site’s history of hosting football, Mayor Bowser noted the large size of the site and that a new stadium would not preclude other development activities. She also said that other cities have successfully built stadiums that have fit well into the surrounding neighborhood (though she didn’t mention specific cities or stadiums).

Flahaven doesn’t provide any direct quotes, so it’s impossible to know exactly what Bowser said here. Still, it’s an apparent shift from Bowser’s earlier position that she was looking to Events DC to determine whether the site should be developed “with a stadium or without a stadium.” Not that Bowser is likely to still be mayor when this is decided, given the way D.C. runs through mayors these days, but Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder sure must be happy to have at least one friend in a high place, even if actual D.C. residents seem to think it’s a terrible idea.

8 comments on “D.C. mayor says she wants new NFL stadium at RFK site regardless of whether study says it’s a good idea

  1. Hold it, doesn’t the Redskins name controversy play into the decision first? Even if the study showed it was a good idea, would DC allow the Redskins’ name?

  2. Bowser has said she would like the name changed, but has steered away from saying it would be a condition of building a stadium:


  3. Thanks for that update!. Putting a few dollars ahead of one’s apparent integrity – as Bob Dylan said, money doesn’t talk, it screams.

  4. So dumb question but if they’re going to build a new stadium on the site of RFK wouldn’t it make sense to do something similar to what Seattle does and have it shared between both an NFL and MLS team?

    Or is that not possible?

  5. DC Council is voting on building an arena for Wizards practices and Mystics games.


  6. @AC: it’s physically possible, but the Seahawks and Sounders are roughly owned by the same people (like the Patriots and Revs in New England) so sharing a stadium is really a left/right pocket sort of transaction.

    The United and the NFL team are owned by different people so sharing the stadium would involve them taking revenue from each other. Which isn’t politically viable since both sides will hate it. So they both demand their own stadia with their own revenue stream.