Providence stadium plan is dead, PawSox to look for new city to shake down for cash

Plans for a new stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox in Providence using $60 million in state subsidies and free parkland are officially dead, according to PawSox managing partner Larry Lucchino:

Lucchino said Governor Raimondo “communicated to our partners” that the site wasn’t suitable.

Negotiations for a Triple-A ballpark on that site have “ceased … The project is not going to happen at that site,” [House Speaker Nicholas] Mattiello said.

Score one for the kite fliers! Though not a very big one, as Lucchino also indicated that he’ll just take his desire for a new publicly funded stadium elsewhere in Rhode Island, or maybe to another state entirely:

Lucchino said the team is still looking in Rhode Island, but he said he would not talk further Saturday night. He said he was returning The Journal’s phone call from his birthday celebration with family in Pittsburgh. Asked whether any Massachusetts communities have reached out to the team, Lucchino said, “No comment.”

As for staying at McCoy Stadium, a popular and historic ballpark built in 1942 and renovated in 1998, Mattiello called it “a model that no longer works,” though he didn’t specify how. Lucchino previously claimed that re-renovating McCoy would cost $65 million, but didn’t specify how — you’re starting to get the picture here, I’m sure.

Anyway, expect everyone to go back to their corners for a bit now while Lucchino finishes his birthday cake and seeks out cities in different states that he can pit against each other. There may be other tactics team owners can use to argue for a new stadium, but without the move threat — idle or otherwise — it’s hardly even worth trying.

3 comments on “Providence stadium plan is dead, PawSox to look for new city to shake down for cash

  1. A ballpark stood proud in Pawtucket,
    Sub par, said the team, we must shuck it.
    But Providence town
    shot its field of schemes down,
    Said the boss, it’s their loss, so………