Hartford council declares soccer deal with embezzler “black eye for city,” formally kills it dead

The Hartford city council put an official fork in the city’s already-dead soccer stadium plan yesterday, formally withdrawing its proposal to lease stadium land to developers who it turned out included a convicted embezzler and a guy who’s allegedly been billing the city for more than a million dollars without doing the required work. “This fiasco, it is a black eye for the city,” declared council president Shawn Wooden unnecessarily.

The council’s move was really just a formality, but reporting on it here gives me the chance to note the sick burn that was delivered by a Hartford resident at yesterday’s council hearing:

“Why was Black Diamond about to be awarded the go-ahead to do this project?” resident Anne Goshdigian asked. “Where was the vetting? There’s this little thing called Google. I know you’ve all heard of it.”

I am hopeful that we will find out where the vetting was in excruciating detail, now that we progress to the finger-pointing stage, and eventually the throwing-people-under-the-bus stage. Seriously, this is going to be so much more entertaining than minor-league soccer ever would have been.

One comment on “Hartford council declares soccer deal with embezzler “black eye for city,” formally kills it dead

  1. Thank you for the “sick burn”, Neil. That is a good thing, isn’t it? Yes, there will be much more entertainment coming from Circus Hartfordus, as low-to-mid-level Department of Development people, and perhaps a City attorney or two, are ordered to fall on their swords in order to save some asses higher up the totem pole.

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