St. Louis council gripey about extra Rams costs, additional haggling expected

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s St. Louis Rams stadium proposal, whatever the hell it actually is, will head to the city’s Board of Aldermen as soon as there’s an actual bill to be discussed. And once it gets there, reports St. Louis Public Radio, it’s likely to face a not-entirely-friendly reception from members of the board’s Ways and Means Committee, which will hear the bill whenever there’s a bill to hear:

  • Ald. Antonio French has threatened to block any stadium legislation until Mayor Francis Slay first provides a “comprehensive plan” for reducing crime in the city.
  • Ald. Scott Ogilvie said: “You can’t keep saying ‘it’s essential to have a football team’ when it costs the city of St. Louis a substantial amount of tax revenue every year. The big question that we should be asking ourselves now or maybe should have asked ourselves a few years ago is it good public policy for the city of St. Louis to functionally own two football stadiums?”
  • On the other hand, committee chair (and certified public accountant) Steven Conway said, “You’ve got to remember: When we pass a bill like this, that job is guaranteed to employ city residents and minorities and women. A billion dollars? That’s $250 million in jobs for minorities and women and city residents – guaranteed minimum. That’s a hard thing to overcome.” (I guess they don’t teach opportunity cost in CPA school?)

None of these seems like it should be considered staunch opposition (or even “deep skepticism,” as SLPR put it), but it’s definitely going to be tough sledding for Nixon to get more than the $6 million a year in redirected Jones Dome payments that he originally proposed. Which may be why the added “event day tax” kickbacks are now off the table, seemingly. You think maybe they were only floated in the first place in order to make the dome money look reasonable by comparison? You’re a horrible, cynical person, that’s what you are.

One comment on “St. Louis council gripey about extra Rams costs, additional haggling expected

  1. Since the only outright opposition to this deal has already been quashed, this should be considered a Done Deal. St. Louis is about 6-9 months behind Milwaukee, and following exactly the same script.

    As to whether you actually need to come up with the money to make the deal happen, I refer you to Minnesota. Gov. Nixon could promise to fund the stadium by raffling off the Mississippi River. Later, of course, the taxpayers will be tapped in another episode of “Reality Intervenes.”