What if they built a new stadium and nobody showed up — oh, hi, 49ers!

Today in empty stadium porn, we present to you the third quarter at yesterday’s San Francisco 49ers home game:

Okay, so maybe that’s the unbearably sunny side of the field, and new stadiums have all kinds of other things for people to do other than actualy sit in your seats and watch the game (I was at Game 2 of the NLCS last night, and the seats behind home plate were empty for most of the game because it was cold and there’s a club where you can sit inside and watch on TV just steps away), and nobody actually goes to football games to watch with their own eyes anymore anyway. Still, it doesn’t exactly show why this place is $1.2 billion preferable to the place they just blew up. Especially not when the game also featured this, courtesy of the still-crappy stadium turf:

Ah, well, the 49ers owners already got their money from fans to pay for the place, so it’s not their problem. If you own a 49ers personal seat license, though, I’ll be wishing on your behalf for the team to get better, and some quirk of climate change to somehow bring rainclouds to the South Bay, I guess.

14 comments on “What if they built a new stadium and nobody showed up — oh, hi, 49ers!

  1. And this is exactly why the Dallas Cowboys played Tony Romo for only one series in the preseason. With that said, the vine of Justin Tucker slipping on the field, reveals a possible ankle injury if he wasn’t careful.

  2. On a non-related Bay Area topic – any thoughts on the SF Giants Mission Rock proposal? I know it’s not a stadium, and not public financing – so you may not be following – but given it’s a team development across from the ballpark and on the local ballot, just curious if you had a take. Thanks

  3. Neil, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you and @emptyseatspics in the same room.

    Come to think of it, I’ve never seen either of you in a room.

  4. By the way, was “nobody actually goes to football games to watch with their own eyes anymore ” supposed to link to a story, or just to that Twitter permalink?

  5. Santa Clara Whiners fans & ownership getting what they deserve with this empty billion dollar boondoggle

  6. It’s not actually hot on the sunny side of the stadium. It’s in the 70s at most and people need to stop whining about it.

  7. I’d guess most of the ticket holders of the empty seats were actually in the stadium watching from the lounges, bars and restaurants located in the expansive concourses–those were a major selling point of the stadium experience. Probably more comfortable than actually being in a seat–probably fun, but something I wouldn’t be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for. Obviously the demographics of the patrons has changed with the move to Levis. Fans are far less passionate; the game is almost secondary.

  8. The idea that the demographics changed significantly after the move to Santa Clara is nonsense. The highest concentration of season ticket holders, even during the Candlestick days, was in the South Bay (that’s also where players’ and coaches’ homes have been concentrated for decades). Plus the training camp has been in Santa Clara since 2003. There’s also historically been a pretty strong base in the Sacramento area which has carried over to the new stadium. And now instead of having to cross the Bay and come down 101, East Bay based fans come down 880, which isn’t all that much of a difference in travel time. The amount of carryover from Candlestick to Levi’s in terms of attendee demographics vastly outweighs the amount of turnover.

  9. Is this really any worse than dimwit fans paying $1500 for mlb playoff tickets and then watching the game on the 4.5″ screen of their iPhone while they record it from a bad angle and improperly lighted?

    The old adage about “nothing beats being there” seems to have been supplanted by “nothing beats being there except paying for the experience of being there and then watching the game on your crappy 4″ phone screen…” which you could actually better in every way by watching in your own living room. You could even hire a pleasant caterer to bring you snacks and beer in your own living room…. far cheaper than this stupidity.

  10. I was there, and it was my first game, and it was a full house. The bathroom and concession lines take forever though, so much of the third quarter it was empty, but it was packed

  11. @Brian Yep they tried the same sort of shot at the beginning of the game and it looked fairly empty, but close to halftime it looked fairly full.

    Also, despite the love of the sinkhole Vine all over the Internet, the field actually seemed to hold up surprisingly well (I wouldn’t blame most national reporters for not noticing, it wasn’t exactly a game of note for non fans), it’s not like position players were slipping and sliding leaving divots everywhere (check between the hashmarks from 4th quarter “highlights”, the field looks just fine). The real test will be how does it look this Thursday with the quick turnaround.

  12. Stadium is superb as long as you’re in the shade. I expect the Niners to build some type of partial roof so that the non-Club seatholders get the same great experience.

  13. “Stadium is superb as long as you’re in the shade.”

    Which is, what, 5% of the seats in that place?

  14. As an aside, I had a housemate once who proclaimed to be a big 49er fan but never went to Candlestick because his seats were “always in the upper deck, or in the end zone, or in the sun.” I wonder if he’s found the shaded sideline lower deck seats that were his Holy Grail.