Pontiac Silverdome runs out of lives, to be razed next spring

Looks like there won’t be any more crazy stories about the Pontiac Silverdome’s crazy owner wanting to use it for professional polo tournaments, as the now-domeless dome has finally been marked for demolition:

“It is going to come down,” said Kristie King, a Southfield-based broker with CBRE, which is marketing the Silverdome property for its private owner, the Triple Investment Group. “We will probably start the demolition process in the spring.”

The idea is that the site will be worth more for redevelopment without a decrepit stadium on it, which will almost certainly be true even if it’s not worth much. It’s another reminder that stadiums are effectively worthless without a team to play in them, which should give pause to city officials counting “ownership of the stadium at the end of the team’s lease” as a public asset, though it probably won’t.

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6 comments on “Pontiac Silverdome runs out of lives, to be razed next spring

  1. Probably won’t happen if the owners have to pay for it. Why? They haven’t paid for anything in a while. A complete comedy of errors when it finally comes down. The Lions might still be there if not for the city’s arrogance. The state of Michigan (believe it or not, not the city of Pontiac), whose governor appointed emergency financial manager was too ignorant to set a minimum bid on the property, setting them up for the laughably low bids — laughable, until the winning bid came in at $550K. Finally, the property owners, who did nothing but collect the occasional activity, with no maintenance at all, sold anything with value (used urinals, anyone?) including the wiring right out of the walls, then listed it at an unbelievable THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS. Bear in mind, the dome was down by then, the field flooded several times over, moldy rotting carpet, no electricity, and no heat. You could not make this stuff up, and no one would believe it if you did.

  2. I realized there was no MLS to come there when MLS said they’d prefer a downtown stadium. Translation: no soccer for you.

  3. IIRC the Lions paid decent rent over the years and the city did receive some of the revenues. The buyout of the last 3 years of the lease was about $27 million too. So I am not sure that the whole deal was all that bad for the city.

  4. I always wondered why the Lions didn’t stay in the Silverdome. It was a state of the art stadium similar to Arrowhead Stadium in KC, which was built three years before the Silverdome, and still being used.
    Ford Field is nice, but the Silverdome rocked!

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