Tampa Bay Bucs’ renovation subsidy request form is a total clown show

Not only are the members of the Glazer family, billionaire owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, asking for state money to help pay for stadium upgrades they’ve already said they’re doing anyway, but they’re doing it in the most hilarious way possible. How, you ask? Well, for starters, they applied for state funds that, under the law, they’re not actually eligible to apply for:

Local leaders are saying the Bucs had no authority to apply for a $1 million annual state subsidy for a proposed $75 million upgrade of Raymond James Stadium. The application, submitted to the state Monday, was made without consulting either Hillsborough County, which owns the stadium, or the Tampa Sports Authority, which manages the complex…

Under the new law, applications can only be submitted by local government or an entity that either owns or manages the stadium. As the tenant, the Bucs would seem ineligible without a letter of support from TSA or Hillsborough County.

Okay, so technically they should have at least told the owner of the stadium they play in that they were asking for $2 million a year in state tax money. Who can keep up with all that red tape, anyway? But I’m sure the application itself, at least, was professionally presented to make a strong case for why the Bucs need a state subsidy:

Officials from the team, valued by Forbes at $1.5 billion, wrote in pen outside the lines on the state’s eight-page application form that the team is seeking “$1 million per year for the duration of the stadium agreement.”

The application lacks any of the required supporting documentation, such as cost estimates, an economic impact analysis or evidence that local workers would be hired for construction work.

Tampa Sports Authority president Eric Hart told the Tampa Tribune that the submission was likely a last-minute placeholder to beat Monday’s application deadline, and that the team owners would submit more information later. Next time, maybe they should really save time by just submitting this.

One comment on “Tampa Bay Bucs’ renovation subsidy request form is a total clown show

  1. Hilarious. Looks they forgot they don’t own the stadium. Wouldn’t want to pay property tax, remember.