Somebody in Worcester sends PawSox a letter saying “Pick us! Pick us!”

A nonprofit community development group in Worcester is interested in wooing the Pawtucket Red Sox to their city, which is mostly notable for the awesome lede that the Worcester Telegram gave to its story about this:

Someone with a letterhead is interested in talking with the Pawtucket Red Sox about possibly moving here, and has advice on building a ballpark to accommodate any such relocation.

That about says it all, though I’d add that 1) the Worcester Canal District Alliance doesn’t have the $60 million in stadium subsidies that PawSox owners say they’re looking for, and 2) that had better be one hell of a letterhead, because the Canal District Alliance sure doesn’t have much of a website.

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One comment on “Somebody in Worcester sends PawSox a letter saying “Pick us! Pick us!”

  1. Obviously the CDA hasn’t kept up with CGI renderings of stadiums. Based on the perspective, I’d say that stadium is about 10 long home runs away from downtown!

    There’s no money in Worcester for this type of construction, no matter who is doing the wooing.

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