Louisville Yum! Center to allow bringing guns to shows, will still ban pointy umbrellas

If you’ve been jonesing to see Kid Rock’s New Year’s Eve Bash at Louisville’s Yum! Center but didn’t know what to do with your handgun during the show, there’s good news for you:

The Louisville Arena Authority ended its total ban on firearms and agreed Monday to give promoters and booking agents of events at the KFC Yum! Center the right to decide whether ticketed visitors can carry firearms into the downtown arena.

The new policy is in line with a new Kentucky law that bans public and “quasi-public” entities from restricting people with weapons permits from bringing their guns into venues. Since promoters aren’t quasi-public, the public authority that runs the Yum! Center has decided to kick the decision over to them, which means you’ll have to ask Kid Rock for permission to come packing to his show — something he’ll probably be okay with.

You will still be prohibited from bringing cameras with detachable lenses or umbrellas “with pointed tips” into the Yum! Center, because somebody could get hurt with those.

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4 comments on “Louisville Yum! Center to allow bringing guns to shows, will still ban pointy umbrellas

  1. An NBA team would still be allowed to ban guns at games. Unless it wanted to take over management of the arena from AEG, I guess, which it probably would, hm.

  2. Can’t wait til that gun toting hero Ted Nugent plays at the Yum! Center. Local morticians probably can’t wait either.

  3. Any good lawyers in the house? What is the liability if a promoter permits people to bring guns into a venue and then someone goes all Yosemite Sam and shoots a bunch of folks?

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