Vikings’ $1B stadium to include giant Viking ship with video board sail, and satire is dead

It’s a slow news day and my birthday, so this will have to suffice for your stadium news for today:

The bow will be a 43-foot-high dragon’s head with Vikings horns and purple eyes that light up.

You don’t really want context for that, I don’t think, but if you must, click here. See y’all tomorrow.

16 comments on “Vikings’ $1B stadium to include giant Viking ship with video board sail, and satire is dead

  1. I think it is cool-looking. It fits with the name of the team and is well done. It’s much better than the “Piglet” planned for Sacramento.

  2. My taste runs to gaudy and gauche. I thought you knew that. Hell, I didn’t even ask for a subsidy for this thing. My wife, ever the smart-mouth, said I’m coughing up precious dough for Barney the Dinosaur meets Jason and the Argonauts and well, who am I to argue?

  3. Ya know if you’re going to build an overly elaborate stadium might as well have gimmicky things like this IMO.

    Also happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday. And I agree. The ship design is way better than the “squigly” art piece going in front of the new Kings arena in Sacramento.

  5. Speaking of Sacramento for just a moment, they’re now saying the arena will be used 180 nights/year.

    So I have to ask, are they planning on getting EVERY arena show? Because I have a feeling that’s about what it would take to fill an arena 180 nights a year. When they schedule events like monster trucks, WNBA games, Trans Siberian Orchestra, graduations and revivals, they’re never going to attract 15,000 people; it has to be 180 GOOD events.

    This is the conundrum with the WNBA. I’m not against having those games, but in order to balance out the 16 nights a year only 4,000 people are at the arena, they’ll need to have about 80 sellouts to get the average back to the desperately-needed 15,000 average attendance. So, bring it back… But you’ll lose money on each and every WNBA game. It’ll be hard enough to make money with 15,000 attendees.

  6. 180 events may be a little too optimistic. However, so much can happen over time. An NHL franchise may see the new arena and decide Sacramento is a worthwhile opportunity. They are the professional sport with the most frequent incidents of team relocation.

  7. 180 events is definitely way too optimistic. Even if you managed to get an NHL squad, that’s only 41 additional dates, and not quite enough to offset the drag the WNBA will bring down on the average. You could add Arena League Football in there, which could bring in 8k-12k attendance in, but it’s only for 10 home games. Of course, if the MLS stadium ever becomes a reality, it would compete for concerts and other shows.

    I just love how the Sacramento Bee steadfastly ignores these giant question marks about the feasibility of this project. Can’t wait for several years later when the projected figures aren’t being met and they publish a report wondering how both local politicians and the press could have missed it.

  8. Mr. deMause, I just wanted you to be the first to know that we probably won’t move a team to L.A. in 2016. Maybe 2017. Or maybe not. We’ve made it kind of official by leaking it to a guy who writes for us: Pretty sly, eh?

    I bet cities across the land are shocked, and relieved they won’t lose teams, cuz we move teams all the time, willy nilly. At least that’s what local pols believe. I guess they never heard of history or something.

    Of course, I’ve tried to keep everyone here clued in but some of your posters must be alderman in prominent NFL cities with bad stadium situations because they talk about our stadium vapor-tecture porn like it’s real and they could go there now and watch a game, lol. Wake me up if anyone ever sticks a shovel in the ground at an L.A. stadium “site.”

    But back to the the big impending for 21, er, 22, er maybe 23 years move, well you know how things are. It depends on how many cities hurry up and give us more stadium cash, as always. Stan might have to buy some more land and threaten to build a WalMart white trash magnet in a nice neighborhood or something.

    Truth is, we love Leverage Angeles just the way it is, but don’t tell the pols who run our great league cities, because we need more public stadium gravy and those chumps never seem to figure out the game, except the ones who demand bribes. Oh well, it’s not a perfect world, but it’s close!

  9. The entire floor area of the arena in Sacramento is smaller than an NFL ice rink according to the drawings.

    On another note – did anyone else see the article about Chinese investors being courted for the Sacramento arena?

  10. “‘This is the first time that an area combined with surrounding mixed-use development has been offered as a prime EB-5 investment opportunity,’ said Ginny Fang, CEO of Golden Gate Global.”

    Except for the Brooklyn Nets arena and surrounding development, which did the exact same thing seven years ago.