Word “cool” does not mean what article on cool new Vegas arena thinks it means

How sad is the state of journalism in the year 2015? Sadder than the fact that the Las Vegas Review-Journal, an ostensible newspaper that reports on news, ran an article with the headline “10 cool things about the new Strip arena,” because we know these kids today like listicles, or something. No, the sad part is how low the R-J’s bar is for cool:

5. T-Mobile is rumored to have landed the arena naming rights, but company officials are not commenting. Talk of Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship buying the name appears to have gone nowhere.

That’s right, Vegas sports fans: It’s cool that your new arena will be named after a cellphone company. Wooooooooooooo! Hey, maybe it’ll even have a cool nickname, like, uh, like, “the T.” That’d be cool!

Other things noted as cool include the fact that luxury suite owners will be able to walk from their cars to their seats via a special bridge so as not to have to hobnob with the hoi polloi, and that Toshiba will be installing face-recognition video cameras to send fans customized digital ads and then measure how long they stand staring at them. (No word on whether Toshiba’s cameras can distinguish staring in fascination and staring in horror.)

The top-ten list does include the fact that MGM and AEG are paying for the arena without public subsidies, which is cool, though in a truly cool world it would just be business as usual. That is not the world we live in, though, so one-tenth of a yay.

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6 comments on “Word “cool” does not mean what article on cool new Vegas arena thinks it means

  1. Gotta be at least two-tenths cool, right Neil? The T will only have one level of luxury suites. Multi-level suites have been one of your pet peeves about modern arenas.

  2. Yeah, that’s another nice touch, though I’ll withhold judgment until I see what the actual seating bowl looks like.

  3. Vegas resident here. The fact that the new MGM-AEG arena took less than 2 years to build and is under budget tells you all you need to know about stadia being built through private financing. They are hardly ever over budget and almost completed on time, unlike their distant cousins the publicly-financed and public-private “partnership” stadia. The powers-that-be are still trying to figure out how to limit the cannibalization between venues, as this new arena has taken nearly all the events earmarked for the MGM Grand Garden and some big ones from the Thomas & Mack Center (which ironically, just underwent a $70 million reno). Yet despite this, it is not stopping idiots in this town from promoting 3 potential stadium projects: the as-yet-to-be-determined football stadium (that discussion should be its own topic), the soccer stadium that has revived itself, and the minor league baseball stadium, despite the fact of its owners wanting to build it in the wealthiest part of town in the county, yet ask the city of Las Vegas to help foot the bill.

    One more thing: recently a so-called casino developer approached the city for TIF funds in the amount of $30 million. To get the project started, said developer used non-traditional financing in the form of EB-5 funds. Since he miscalculated his costs, it’s the public’s responsibility to pick up the difference (in his mind). His claim was without the TIF funds the project would have to shut down, costing over 6,000 jobs (more like 200, but that’s mere semantics). He also claimed his financier (a hard-money lender) would not loan him funds without the TIF LoI. The last I checked, that would be known as a secured line-of-credit.

    It was summarily turned down, but the politician who supported this farce said the requestor will be coming back. Hilarity.

  4. “…the fact that luxury suite owners will be able to walk from their cars to their seats via a special bridge so as not to have to hobnob with the hoi polloi,…”

    Well, cool –is– in the eye of the beholder. That’s a pretty cool amenity for suite owners.

  5. The Un-carrier has naming rights for the un-subsidized arena ? Maybe there will be no PSL contracts and people will be able to drop season tickets mid-season.

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