Montreal hospital site could be used for MLB stadium, says guy not planning to pay for it

There’s a guy in Montreal who wants to build a new baseball stadium! Okay, really there’s a guy in Montreal who just bought a plot of downtown land and wants somebody else to build a baseball stadium maybe, but come on, feel the excitement:

“I have a meeting scheduled in the next week with one of the biggest major league baseball persons,” [Luc Poirier] said.

“I have only one [person], but a big one. A big, big one.”

A big, big one. Cue the Bartolo Colon jokes.

Aside from the fact that this is almost certainly just a landowner trying to drum up some attention for his new purchase, it’s questionable whether you could even fit a stadium on the site, which is both small and oddly shaped. Former Expos star and current Montreal MLB advocate Warren Cromartie called it “a little too small,” and former Grantland sportswriter (and Expos fan, and old Baseball Prospectus colleague of mine) Jonah Keri called it “pretty small,” and … you get the point. I’ve been wrong before about making small sites work — I memorably predicted that a Nets arena could never be built in Brooklyn because it would require knocking down a whole block of buildings, and that would never happen, right? — so don’t rule this out entirely. But do feel free to file it under “take it seriously once somebody actually flashes some cash.”

5 comments on “Montreal hospital site could be used for MLB stadium, says guy not planning to pay for it

  1. Neil, you missed mentioning the details which state this plot of land would be around the same as the footprint for Wrigley Stadium, Target Field and Petco… just saying. Besides, Ernst & Young listed it as a very possible site to build a park… Just saying.

  2. While I love Wrigley, nobody is building 10-acre stadiums these days other than the Twins. (Petco Park’s footprint is a good bit larger.) Not to disparage Ernst & Young’s massive baseball expertise, but it’s going to be extremely hard to fit a modern mallpark on that site, even before you start getting into issues like parking.

    (If somebody wanted to build a Wrigley Field replica with no giant foot courts and a compact seating bowl on that site, mind you, I’d be thrilled. But I’m not holding my breath.)

  3. It’s not a little small, it’s too small to even fit a baseball field, let alone 30,000 seats around it, even if you add the park next door. I just wish “journalists” would take 5 minutes to look what the site looks like on Google maps.