That Montreal hospital site really is too small to fit a baseball stadium, guys

I finally did what I should have done this morning and took a look at that proposed Montreal baseball stadium site on Google Maps, and … wow, that is small. Like, really small. Like, let’s compare it to the smallest current MLB stadiums on Google Maps:

hospitalThat’s the old Montreal Children’s hospital at lower center. Now, let’s look at Target Field in Minneapolis, same scale:

targetAnd Wrigley Field:

wrigleySo, yeah, you’re going to need a bigger boat. And there doesn’t seem to be much of a way to make more room on the Montreal site: Avenue Atwater (pronounced by the Montreal Metro announcer, deliciously, as “at-wah-teah”) and Boulevard René Lévesque are major thoroughfares, and aren’t going anywhere, You could take over Cabot Square, a public park, I suppose, but that would still mean a crazy-short fence in left field — here, you know what, let’s bring in Fenway Park as well to see if that would fit:

fenwayYeah, this looks like beyond a tight squeeze, unless you get rid of the public park and knock down the Pentacostal church across the street — and even then, you’d be talking about by far the smallest ballpark built for an MLB team in more than a century. It’s not impossible, but it just might be infinitely improbable.

5 comments on “That Montreal hospital site really is too small to fit a baseball stadium, guys

  1. I *think* that Ebbets Field was 9 acres; I don’t have my thesis in front of me so I don’t have the exact numbers. It’s never too late for Labatt Park! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    If all those images are the same scale, is there a way that you could fade the ballpark images somewhat and superimpose them on the montreal site? Would be interesting to see just how far out of the realm of the possible it is…

  2. If my memory of Montreal is correct, there’s also a pretty downhill slope to the south of the site.

  3. It would be a very tight fit indeed Neil. And parking spaces would be a problem for sure. Having said that, a 36K stadium could be built but they would need to annex Cabot Park for starters and possibly shift Lambert Closse…. Most people favour the Bassin peel area anyways, including the Mayor of Montreal. So while this is a good story that brings Montreal’s stadium quest to the forefront, it’s not quite the solution….

  4. Even if all the other obstacles to baseball returning to Mtl are overcome, finding a place anywhere near “downtown” to put a stadium will not be easy.

    The land that Parc St Jacques was supposed to be built on 15 years ago has been developed… as Tom says other sites have been identified.

    Nothing is impossible, but with the Canadian dollar at $0.75 today compared to a $1.05 a couple of years ago, sadly I’d say we are further from a Montreal team today than we were in 2013.