Tokyo’s new Olympic designs are $700m cheaper, look less like potty seats

Tokyo has officially scrapped its $2 billion dollar 2020 Olympic stadium that looks like a potty seat, and replaced it with a pair of somewhat cheaper ($1.2-1.3 billion) designs that look significantly less like potty seats:

n-stadium-z-20151215-870x592As Gizmodo notes, both redesigning a stadium in response to public pressure and releasing possible designs to the public for vetting before a winner is chosen are potentially promising actions, especially in the world of overpriced Olympic stadiums. Though Gizmodo also writes that the original design had “cauterized locals” to march against it, so maybe the locals started fighting fire with fire.

4 comments on “Tokyo’s new Olympic designs are $700m cheaper, look less like potty seats

  1. Wasn’t the stadium from the last time they hosted the Olympics in the same spot? Couldn’t they have just renovated that one.

  2. Why can’t they just pick a neutral country like Sweden, Ireland or Switzerland? Build stadiums, renovate them, and hold the Olympics in the same place every time. That’s what I would do, if I were emperor.

    But, I can understand not wanting to miss the Bangui Games in 2040.

  3. Looks like the previous design inspired other efforts: