Senators owners on competing developer’s arena plan: “Whatsamatter with you?”

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is locked in a battle with a competing developer over the downtown LeBreton Flats site, and on Friday he responded to rumors that the other guys could include an arena for the Sens with some quotes for the ages:

“The long and short of it is, the team is not for sale. Never will be in my lifetime, for sure. Number two: you can’t come into my territory. What’s a matter with you? Like, who is going to play there?”…

“How in God’s name do they want to build an arena? I don’t get it because there’s no NHL team available. This team is mine for life. My daughter has already taken first dibs on it when I go to heaven,” he said.

Melnyk said if he doesn’t get development rights to LeBreton Flats, the Senators will continue to play in their current arena out in the boonies, which, um, isn’t much of a threat given that he’s the one complaining about that arena not being “built to last.” Any threat in a storm, I guess.

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